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World’s Best Filmmakers To Intern With

Christopher Nolan in Cannes, France

We all know that the director is the mastermind behind every feature film. From story development to how actors prepare for a scene, filmmakers play a crucial role in the sets. Also, not many of you know this, but working with a good director does provide a leg up on future career opportunities. Thus, here are some famous filmmakers to consider for all those harbouring dreams of working behind the lens.

  1. Christopher Nolan
    If there is one director who has shot to fame with his body of work, then it is Christopher Nolan. From Inception, Interstellar, and The Prestige, all his films have sci-fi and fantasy themes, making them click with the audiences. Also, a recurring factor in the movies is the use of complex and layered characters that adds a twist to the storyline.

  1. Steven Spielberg
    Steven Spielberg is another name that resonates with great cinema. Born in Ohio, he has often been credited for forming the New Era in Hollywood. With a handful of awards to his name and a string of box-office hits such as Jurrasic Park, ET makes him one of the best filmmakers to intern with.

  1. David Fincher
    David Fincher is the ultimate choice for those who have a knack for crime and mystery genre movies. Even though all of his films are based on best-selling novels, how he directs and presents them onscreen defines everything. Truly a genius to work with!

  1. Tim Burton
    Tim Burton is another filmmaker whom we all love. The mastermind behind movies such as “Edward Scissorhands” and “Sweeny Todd”, Tim is best known for his work in the fantasy and horror genres. His distinctive style of direction is what sets him apart from his contemporaries. So, if you are willing to gain the upper hand in directing edge-of-the-seat thrillers, Tim Burton is one director to work with.

  1. Quentin Tarantino
    Quentin Tarantino’s oeuvre is blessed with surprising movies. Starting from “Pulp Fiction”,” Inglorious Bastards”, and “Kill Bill”, all his films have unpredictable twists that never cease to amaze you. Born in Tennessee, Quentin Tarantino is truly a notable director to intern with.

  1. Martin Scorsese
    Martin Scorsese is regarded as one of the prominent figures of the New Hollywood Era. His amazing body of work includes films like “The Departed”, “The Aviator”, and “The Wolf Of The Wall Street”. What sets him apart is the gritty and meticulous style of filmmaking. Also, Martin Scorsese uses montages in many of his movies, which adds a robust touch—honestly, he is one of the finest directors to intern with.

  1. David Yates
    Also regarded as one of the best directors today, David Yates and his filmmaking style are unique. Known for directing the fantasy genre, the exceptional technicality used in his movies helps you stay glued to the screen. He has been helmed repeatedly in directing the last two parts of “The Harry Potter Franchise” and “Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them”. All this has made David Yates one of the best directors to intern with.

  1. James Cameron
    James Cameron is arguably one of the best directors in Hollywood today. He is known for epic sci-fi movies such as Terminator 2, Avatar, Aliens, Rambo II, and the most famous “Titanic”. What makes him different from the rest is his dedication to the craft. Also, considered a mastermind behind the legendary films in Hollywood, James Cameron is a perfectionist, and internship opportunities with him will only help you grow in the cine blitz.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - World’s Best Filmmakers To Intern With

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