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Transforming the Way We Care: Maria Santiago, CEO of HHATI, on the Evolution of Home Healthcare

Maria Santiago

The home healthcare industry has been rapidly evolving since the outbreak of the global pandemic. According to Maria Santiago, CEO and Director of Home Health Aide Training Institute (HHATI), the Covid-19 outbreak has caused the industry to rethink the traditional idea that care should be received in a hospital, facility, or other public setting. Instead, the trend of receiving care in one’s own home has become much more prevalent, leading to an increasing demand for high-quality home health aide services.

Santiago, a healthcare veteran with 25 years of experience in the field, has seen many trends come and go. However, she believes that the current changes in the industry are creating exciting opportunities for her students, whether they are studying to be personal care assistants, home health aides, infection control experts, or certified nursing assistants. Santiago’s New York State-certified school, which opened only six years ago, has already sent over 4,000 graduated professionals into the field. Santiago herself was recently awarded a lifetime achievement award from U.S. President Joe Biden for her joyful caring.

The Director bases the institute’s curriculums on the crucial lessons that must be taught along with a heaping helping of how to be empathetic, humane, and a true carer to every individual client. Here, she shares the top trends she sees emerging in 2023 for the home healthcare industry.

Rising Need for Skilled and Professional Aides

As Santiago has mentioned, there has been an explosion in the number of requests for home healthcare since the global pandemic. This may be related to lingering fears about Covid-19, or perhaps people who turned to home healthcare during the pandemic simply realized how much they preferred being cared for in their homes. Regardless of the reasons for the increased demand, it is there, and more trained, qualified, and professional aides are needed as soon as possible. Thankfully, HHATI has programs to train students to meet the rising demand.

Push for Fair Compensation for Essential Caregivers

Increasing wages for such important professional roles is always a topic for discussion in the healthcare field, but now it is coming to the fore again, and lawmakers are listening. Despite the long hours and hard emotional and physical work that the roles require, it has not always been adequately paid, a sad state of affairs that pushes many wonderful aides out of the industry. During the pandemic, these frontline workers also put their lives on the line every day to keep their patients safe. Santiago knows how hard her graduates work and is working in advocacy efforts to increase their wages in New York State and across the nation.

Expansion of Homecare Services and Sustainable Industry Growth

For a variety of reasons, the industry is in a strong growth period, with not only more people wanting services but a demand for a wider range of care to be provided at home. Santiago cited the country’s aging population and their increasing savviness as one reason for these increases. And it’s not just the elderly who are benefiting from these expanded services. People of all ages are turning to home healthcare as a more comfortable and convenient alternative to traditional healthcare settings.

In addition to the increased demand for high-quality labor, better payment, and expanded services, Santiago also sees a growing need for infection control experts in the industry. With the ongoing threat of Covid-19, it is more important than ever to ensure that home healthcare workers are equipped with the knowledge and skills to keep themselves and their patients safe from infection.

 As the demand for home healthcare continues to grow, it is more important than ever to have skilled and compassionate professionals in the field. At HHATI, we are dedicated to training the next generation of healthcare workers to meet this demand and provide the best possible care for their patients. It’s truly an exciting time to be a part of this industry, and I’m honored to be a part of it.” adds Maria Santiago

About Maria Santiago

Maria Santiago is the CEO and Director of Home Health Aide Training Institute (HHATI), which trains nurses in board-certified home health aide. She recently won the Presidential Tribute of Excellence Award and her team has taught over 4,000 students to date. For more information about getting involved in home healthcare, please visit

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Success and Leadership - Transforming the Way We Care: Maria Santiago, CEO of HHATI, on the Evolution of Home Healthcare

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