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CEO Spotlight: Jenn Lim, CEO and Co-founder of Delivering Happiness

Jenn Lim, CEO and Co-founder of Delivering Happiness

We’ll introduce you to Jenn Lim, CEO and Co-Founder of Delivering Happiness and Bestselling Author of Beyond Happiness, in this article. Her contribution has proven to be valuable in the business world. Delivering Happiness is a company that she founded with Tony Hsieh, aiming to help entrepreneurs create happier company cultures.

The goal of the company has been achieved through the years. Hundreds of businesses and organizations around the world have accepted her advisory strategy, gaining multiple advantages. Now, that Delivering Happiness has become one of the fastest-growing companies, her vision is to “keep pioneering the path to not just happiness anymore, but deeper fulfillment and meaning at work and therefore in life. We’re going beyond happiness so people realize they can live their legacy now, not after they’re gone or it’s too late,” she said at CEOWORLD magazine. 

It is worth mentioning that Delivering Happiness started as a book that sold one million copies worldwide and transformed into a worldwide movement and business consultancy. Her new bestselling book is called Beyond Happiness: How Authentic Leaders Prioritize Purpose and People for Growth and Impact. The book shows the way to more sustainable workplaces and modern organizational design.

Q: Can you name three reasons why organizational culture is important in a company?

Jenn Lim: Every organization has a culture, whether it’s defined or not. Culture impacts retention, attraction, brand awareness, and profits. It sits at the core and is the WHY behind every decision and strategy within the organization. Because culture is so vital, we should be intentional about designing and sustaining our company’s culture.

When organizations prioritize people and build a culture where individuals’ purpose and values are aligned with the organization’s, they can better adapt to change, see profits increase, take care of their people, and see positive ripple effects that go out to all their partners, society, and the Earth.

Q: How can culture be built? Is it more difficult nowadays?

Jenn Lim: Hubspot has been ranked by Glassdoor, Great Place to Work, and Fortune as a top workplace for several years. Their employees say the culture builds connections, careers, and employee growth by creating a workplace that values flexibility, autonomy, and transparency. These are all forms of control, one of the scientific levers of happiness. With so much uncertainty in the world and workplace, people are seeking ways to regain some semblance of control. So start there. Where can you give your team control? This might be giving them flexibility in scheduling, choosing how a project is completed or letting them create their own titles. 

With a looming recession, layoffs, and inflation, many businesses go into survival mode, scraping things that don’t directly contribute to the bottom line. But it is the decisions that are made in challenging times that define a person or company’s character. Are they clinging to profits or people? Those that choose profit over people will lose loyalty and trust, while those that choose to treat their people like assets rather than expenses will get a return on their investment-because people will invest in companies that invest in them.

Q: You share your time between writing, speaking, and coaching. What’s your biggest dream?

Jenn Lim: These are all slices of what I do, not necessarily who I am. My big dream is to keep working on a better me, so I can be a better leader/friend/colleague to everyone I touch in my people ecosystem…with empathy, authenticity and love guiding the way. 

Q: What’s your vision of “Delivering Happiness”?

Jenn Lim: Now that we’ve been scaling around the world and became one of the fastest growing companies (Inc. 5000), our vision is to keep pioneering the path to not just happiness anymore, but deeper fulfillment and meaning at work and therefore in life. We’re going beyond happiness so people realize they can live their legacy now, not after they’re gone or it’s too late.

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