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The Future of the Hospitality Industry is Technology

Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is highly competitive, so it’s important that it moves with the times. Additionally, customer expectations are always shifting based on new technologies that are introduced. Obsolete systems will have a negative impact on your bottom line.

Whether you’re a hotel owner or you run a restaurant, it’s crucial that you stay ahead of the curve with new technology or trends in the hospitality industry. In this post, you’ll learn about the future of this sector and how you can take advantage of technological advancements to improve your guest experience and –  as a result –  your visitors’ satisfaction. Enhancing the Guest Experience

If you want to improve the performance of your hotel, holiday rental, or another type of hospitality establishment, then consider getting a personalized guest experience platform. The advantage of these types of platforms is that they cut out time-consuming tasks using automation technology.

For example, using an online check-in system is extremely useful for both the guest and hotel staff. With online check-ins, guests can skip the front desk line entirely by checking in remotely, allowing them to head straight to their room to relax after their journey – something that’s sure to be appreciated. Deployed in tandem with mobile keys (which turn your guests’ phones into their room keys), every part of the arrival and departure process is streamlined, making for a happier experience for your visitors; plus, this frees up vital staff time so they can get on with doing the most important job of all: ensuring that every single guest has the best experience possible!

Plus, guest information can be automatically processed, and payments made online. So potential visitors can search for accommodation and book their stay no matter where they are. By effectively gathering data at key stages of the guest journey, you can also tailor each guest’s stay to their unique needs and preferences and offer them relevant upgrades, services, and offers.

As a crucial bonus, automated and contactless processes can lead to more fulfilled employees who are more likely to stay in their jobs – especially important given that the hospitality industry has the highest rate of staff turnover of any business sector. Handing repetitive, time-consuming administrative tasks from your workforce to automation tools is likely to have a significant effect on staff morale and, as a result, the quality of the service your employees provide to guests.

Virtual Reality Tours 

It can be difficult for guests to imagine what their next holiday destination may look like. Sure, hotel managers can upload pictures of their establishments online, but there is a better way to showcase your hotel.

Virtual reality tours can capture the charm and convenience of your hotel or resort accurately. Through digital tours, you can highlight your establishment’s main features. Show your guests all the benefits they can experience when they visit your resort.

virtual reality headset

VR Hotel Touring allows guests to virtually explore their hotel rooms before booking, allowing them to make informed decisions about their stay. In addition to being able to view the room from every angle, guests also receive a 360° video tour of the property. Guests can watch videos of the hotel grounds, pool area, spa, and restaurant, all from the comfort of their homes.

Once you’ve created your virtual reality tour, share it online. There are plenty of options for sharing these tours. For instance, you can upload them directly to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Or, you can email them to customers who’ve signed up for a monthly newsletter.

VR Hotel Touring is currently only offered at select properties, but we expect to see more hotels adopting this innovative technology in the near future.

Intelligent Chatbots for 24/7 Assistance 

Customer demand has changed drastically over the years. And since we’re living in a generation of instant gratification, people want immediate assistance at all times. But workers in the hospitality industry can’t be available 24/7. That’s where AI chatbots come in.

Hotels and restaurants have integrated chatbots on their websites to accommodate customers who need around-the-clock assistance. Chatbots are used to automate tasks like order fulfillment, customer support, and sales.

Intelligent Chatbots

Customers can now send messages no matter what time of the day it is and receive responses in real-time. For example, customers may ask questions like “How much does shipping cost?” or “Can I return my order?” These questions can easily be handled by a chatbot.

Additionally, integrating a chatbot onto your website will free up valuable time for employees so they can concentrate on more important tasks.

Contactless Processes 

One of the biggest changes that have taken place in the travel and restaurant industry is how customers think about hygiene. COVID-19 has taught many people the importance of contactless processes. Furthermore, with stricter government regulations, organizations in the hospitality industry can’t afford to ignore the importance of contactless systems.

The hospitality industry will implement more contactless technologies such as mobile check-ins, digital payments, and mobile keys. On the other hand, hygiene isn’t the only reason why hotels and restaurants need contactless solutions. One of the advantages is that it reduces staff dependency, which also helps cut down on overhead costs.

Hospitality Industry

As you can see, there are various types of technology you can integrate into your establishment to make life easier for your staff and to improve your guest’s experience. But the most important one is having a personalized check-in system so guests can make bookings fast and securely.

Or offer virtual reality tours so people can get a real-life experience of your resort or restaurant before they visit your establishment. Use the tips in this article to improve your customer’s overall experience.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Insider - The Future of the Hospitality Industry is Technology
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