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Lara Rahib, The Ecom Wolf, Reveals How She Made $1.3 Million in Six Months

Lara Rahib

The internet is the new frontier. It’s a place where anyone with an idea and motivation can make a great income by selling products on a never-ending list of platforms. Plus, with the input of industry veterans and expert knowledge, a beginner can go from having a low-level side hustle to making an absolute killing. Enter Lara Rahib, aka The Ecom Wolf: The expert and teacher for fellow Ecommerce business owners and Founder of The Ecom Wolfpack.

Born in Palestine, Rahib moved with her family when she was just 1 year old to the United States to start a new life away as her parents sought to provide safety from a war-torn country.

In high school, she was a smart student and, admittedly, a bit of a class clown. Rahib knew how to play the game and studied hard — eventually graduating with good grades and the hunger to satisfy her growing interest in the sciences.

In college, the future Founder of The Ecom Wolfpack majored in Biology. However, after graduation, when she had begun working in a professional lab, she felt that maybe it wasn’t exactly the right fit for her. Rahib was a leader, not a follower.

“Dude, I just hated working there and was bored by being in the lab all day,” she said. “I decided to halt my aspirations to gain a master’s degree and find something else that would allow me to not have a boss.”

Switching Up

After leaving academia, Rahib began to look for a new career. However, it was not an easy transition, because she wanted something that both paid her well while also presenting a challenge. Additionally, she also battled with anxiety. The future millionaire even had to resort to living on food stamps for a while, something many can relate to in the post-COVID-19 pandemic world.

Eventually, she started working as a debt collector, where she would meet someone who would influence her future. Rahib’s coworker was a real estate broker, and was making a killing. So, naturally, Rahib wanted to give it a try.

She was great at it, and the industry satisfied her self-starter nature for five years — until Rahib went looking for a better way.

“I wanted to make money while I was sleeping, on vacation, or spending time with family and friends,” Rahib explained. “I was banking on deals to close, and my fate was in the hands of people buying or selling homes. I wanted more control, and I wanted my money to work for me rather than the other way around.”

Becoming The Wolf

The idea of Ecommerce entered Rahib’s mind and the budding, young entrepreneur launched her career first as a merchant on Amazon. The popular Ecom website was an ideal spot for Rahib to start, and she was soon generating up to $40K in monthly profits.

However, when Amazon decided to change the rules for sellers, merchant’s abilities to make money on the site were severely impacted. So Rahib shifted to her own site, powered by Shopify. This was when her business really soared. When peers noticed her nearly overnight success, they came knocking on her virtual door for training, teaching, and mentoring.

“I don’t want people to read my story and think that they need that much to get started in Ecommerce,” Rahib explained. “That is just my story, and I am here to show people that there is a better way.”

In response, Rahib embraced her new role as a mentor and became The Ecom Wolf, nicknaming her students The Ecom Wolfpack. Today, she teaches people around the world how to earn great incomes easily and live the lives they’ve always wanted.

Rahib has learned some important lessons on her journey to become The Ecom Wolf. Here, we share how she made $1.3 million working from home in just six months!

She Did Her Research, But Not Too Much 

“A lot of people have a fear of starting, and they will try to get as much information as possible before they start,” Rahib said. “They will read a thousand books and never take the steps to just try. You have to get out there, get a mentor, make mistakes, and take action! People have analysis paralysis. They overthink things way too much, and dig themselves into a hole.”

Rahib warns about this type of ‘information hoarding’ as a false sense of security that can lead you to never starting and never trying. You have to break a few eggs to make a cake!

Problem Solver

Rahib explained, “You want to solve the customer’s problems. You want to look at your business like a customer. Make sure that when you are going on your website, you are viewing it as the customer, not as yourself. It is crucial to really understand your avatar, get inside their head, understand what problems they want solved with your product, and give them a visual of that with marketing and pictures.”

Rahib sells answers to problems her customers have in their day-to-day lives, not things she thinks people should be buying.


Rahib is ruthless about removing products — and ads — that aren’t selling, partly because there is no glory in spending money advertising a lackluster product when you can divert that cash to a better performing (and selling) item.

“Look, there is no point in advertising trash products, you’re going to dump a lot of money down the drain, as well as a lot of wasted time,” she said. “Learn how to vet out the right products and use the right systems and strategies so you can turn your online store into a money printing machine”

Making these everyday decisions quickly and without hesitation is the key to huge profitability, and that is just the beginning of what she teaches her Ecom Wolfpack.

About Lara Rahib

Lara Rahib, Ecom Expert, CEO of The Ecom Wolfpack, is known as one of the most successful persons in e-commerce. Rahib teaches entrepreneurs how to go from being a 9-5er to making millions in a year. To join The Ecom Wolf Pack, please visit

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Opinions - Lara Rahib, The Ecom Wolf, Reveals How She Made $1.3 Million in Six Months
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