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CEO Spotlight: Nafsika Antypas Brings Plant-Based Food and Entertainment Together

Nafsika Antypas

The idea of adopting a vegan lifestyle came to the mind of a Canadian sublime producer, writer, TV host, and entrepreneur, Nafsika Antypas, who wanted to create an exclusive brand that brings a difference in people’s lives through a transformation with food. 

 As a seasoned entrepreneur, Nafsika Antypas, works to improve the wellness, health, and nutrition of the community on a massive platform. Her achievements have inspired the masses to know the significance of adopting a plant-based lifestyle and learn about common pitfalls and obstacles that can prevent anyone to bring a radical change in their life. In the world of food and beverage, Nafsika is recognized as a passionate and compassionate vegan creator and host, and executive producer of the world’s first vegan lifestyle television series, ‘Plant-Based’, which focuses on a plant-based diet and vegan living. In addition, Nafsika is the President/CEO of the global food brand, Nafsika’s Garden. Nafsika’s book, “The Plant-Based Switch,” has provided a guide for vegan food lovers to switch to an eco-friendly vegan lifestyle with ease.

Nafsika Antypas: A strong-willed and Independent Businesswoman 

Nafsika has bigger goals in life so she chose a pragmatist career to become an entrepreneur. Her initial entrepreneurial journey began with working as a marketing director at Pilaros International Trading Inc. The organization was a renowned Mediterranean food importing company in Canada, the USA, and Australia, owned by her father. This food organization helped her to study olive oil and the Mediterranean diet in Greece and helped her to know about Mediterranean diet, which is mainly plant-based.” Working in her father’s company set a stepping stone for Nafsika to become a world-leading entrepreneur. With her mission, she emerged as a prominent vegan food lover and a passionate entrepreneur, her strong drive and initiatives inspired the millions.

Sharing her experience of how she overnight took a major decision of moving up to plant-based life, she explained,

“It was eight years back, I was looking for something to watch on Netflix and came across a documentary called “Vegucated.” It was the name that fascinated me. I always like to keep an open mind, so of course, I proceeded to watch it. I never knew that this little documentary would soon change my life forever.”

Watching this documentary opened her eyes to the cruel animal industry. The strong business lady insured and strongly condemned the cruel acts practiced on animals. She no longer wished to contribute, so she shifted to a vegan lifestyle overnight. Since then she never looked back and became a full-fledged vegan. Nafsika passionately worked towards enriching people’s lives, helping them to adopt healthy food choices. 

“I researched and looked for information about an all plant-based lifestyle when I came across some YouTube channels that promoted vegan cooking. I found countless vegan recipes online. I planned out what my family and I would be eating that week and that was that. My kids have been vegan all their lives as well.”

How Nonprofit Organization, People Against Violence help Nafsika to create community awareness to prevent and reduce all forms of violence

To meet her goals, Nafsika founded a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, known as People Against Violence. The organization was established in the year, 2014 in Canada and the U.S. to prevent violence and assist victims worldwide. Along with the guidance of certified counsellors and 24/7 Crisis Help-line at People against Violence help, people deal with issues involving violence and encourage a healthy lifestyle, which contributes to a happy and healthy mental state. That includes making healthier eating choices and removing toxic and unhealthy foods such as meat and dairy. Nafsika believes that once people establish their bond with animals, they would find themselves in a new world. In her opinion, this will help to create a peaceful vegan society, motivating more people to live an environmentally-friendly lifestyle. 

Ualert: Another achievement of Nafsika 

To prevent violence and assist victims worldwide, Nafsika launched a personal safety app named Ualert. The safety app offered the fastest response to the victim of violence by notifying friends and family, the center, and the local police. It also gives access to 24/7 crisis phone counselling. Certified counselors and mentors through a 24-hour hotline service offer guidance to people on how they can safeguard their lives against violent acts. 

“My goal has always been to help make the world a more compassionate place. To do that I believe that I need to help the world go vegan. And so, everything I do is toward making veganism mainstream.”

What is the Mission of The Struggling Vegan?

Millions of people got the motivation to shift towards a plant-based/vegan lifestyle with the efforts of the organization named, The Struggling Vegan. Nafsika founded this organization in the year 2015. This platform enabled both vegans and non-vegans to interact, and share tips and strategies on how to become vegan. Nafsika helped people establish a special bond with animals, once people gain empathy and kindness for animals, they will find themselves in a new world. Consequently, this forum promoted eco-friendly products. From accessories and clothing to makeup and everyday use items, Nafsika advised vegan food lovers to use cruelty-free brands. This enhanced their motivation to switch from a meat-eating diet to a plant-based/vegan lifestyle.  

Plant-Based, TV Show further helped to promote the vegan lifestyle in the public

The concept for a show was initiated by Nafsika Antypas. Plant-Based by Nafsika was the first vegan lifestyle series ever to hit mainstream television (A&E) America. The TV show was actively watched by more than 70 million families. The main goal of the program was to revolutionize people’s thinking about adopting a healthier plant-based lifestyle.  

“I noticed there were no vegan lifestyle shows out there and decided that I would be the first to do it. I wanted to change the world through food and figured that if I could get more people to switch from a meat-eating diet to a plant-based/vegan lifestyle.”

The first vegan lifestyle series helped to create an eco-friendly “green” world. Nafsika knew that many people show real dependency on animal products, and are unable to avoid using animal products. Nafsika understood this and decided to educate and create awareness about veganism to a broader audience. She found TV as a perfect medium and started airing her show with experts that helped people to change their food habits and learn to consume items that cause minimal harm to the environment. Moreover, this program helped Nafsika to make connections with different communities, and businesses. The series “Plant-Based by Nafsika comes to viewers as both informative and entertaining. The whole idea behind the show was to make veganism more mainstream. Explaining the significance of the show, Nafsika states,

“It was important for me to make it easy for people to learn about veganism. Every segment of my show teaches me something new every day. I get to interview experts, gain their opinions, and learn the tips and tricks of being vegan. I invite chefs to make simple and easy vegan recipes, which is great because I love to eat!”

Her plant-based coaching comprises a program called Make the Plant-Based Switch provides a platform to people to understand the benefits of adopting a healthy lifestyle. Through her counseling and coaching, she helped people to go plant-based life with ease.

Nafsika’s Garden- There’s a New “Cheese” in Town:  Her Biggest Business Achievement 

Nafsika, the President/CEO of global food brand, Nafsika’s Garden promoted a dairy-free lifestyle with a plant-based alternative. She launched her product, the hottest new vegan “cheese” in town and it hit the mainstream markets. The product was launched across Canada to major retailers such as Walmart and Sobeys and across the US by 2020. The product was founded with one simple goal to help people who thought they could never live without cheese to go dairy-free. The product line helped the consumers to understand what exactly a plant-based diet is and why they should prefer a plant-based diet to animal food. As people began using Nafsika’s Garden, they learn that a healthy sustainable diet brings positive effects on health. The product was really rewarding since it helped millions of vegan food lovers to switch toward a plant-based lifestyle.

 Other Ways to Expand Her Food Business Globally  

Nafsika through her inciting piece of writing also aims to give a boost to her business goals. She has written four books to date that will be published later this year. Her first book is “The Plant-Based Switch,” a guide to a plant-based lifestyle. Nafsika’s book: The Plant-Based Switch provides significant health benefits. The book includes a weekly program for health-conscious people.  This book will take you through the six-week program step by step known as The Plant-Based Switch which provides menu plans, plant-based diet recipes, health tips, and much more to lead a healthier lifestyle. The Plant-Based Switch” has provided a guide to anyone looking to switch to an eco-friendly vegan lifestyle.

Nafsika is aspiring to grow her business. Having the expertise of a good team will expand her business to many countries within 2 years. She states, “Once you have initiated to start, run and grow a business, do your homework, have a contingency plan, and when you’re ready, just go for it! The sky is the limit.” As she always says, “If You Plant It, It Will Grow!” 

Her dynamic business vision and goals have defined her as the most prominent business leader who intends to make the world a more compassionate place by creating awareness regarding saving billions of animals slaughtered every year. She hopes that her vegan movement will influence the general public to adopt a healthy plant-based lifestyle.

Nafsika Antypas states,

“You’ve got to visualize your future and believe it. Then, nothing can stop you, because, in your mind, it’s already happening,”

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Spotlight - CEO Spotlight: Nafsika Antypas Brings Plant-Based Food and Entertainment Together
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