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Is There a Way to Turn Your Tired and Neglected Website Into Cash?

There are more websites today than ever before, and possibly more than the inventor of the worldwide web ever envisioned. There are around 1.88 billion websites live in 2022 according to one chart from Statista. However, out of all these sites, it is believed that up to 1.5 billion are no longer actively being updated or are just parked domains or something similar. 

Many websites started out as hobbies, or blogs, many would have been for businesses that have failed, and some would be superfluous, or simply just neglected. The reason that so many websites are still active without being updated is that lengthy hosting and domain name plans were paid for upfront.

 You may own one of these websites yourself, and perhaps you have long since given up on it. Maybe then it is time to realize some money from your old project. 

Can you sell an old website?

Websites and domain names can certainly be sold on, how much they are worth will depend on a few aspects. What subject or niche is the website based on, how long it has been established, and what sort of revenue it is or could generate.

 According to Forbes, a website’s value is partly based on its monthly revenue. This is understood to be in the range of 24-36 times the revenue created each month. Therefore a website that makes only $100 could still be worth $2,400 or perhaps more.

 Why would someone want to buy old and neglected websites?

One reason for buying old websites is to flip them. Much like flipping a house, or a car, digital property is being bought and sold in the same manner now.

It has become popular to flip Instagram accounts and ones from other social networking sites. Some individuals are now actively searching for neglected sites that can present a potential profit from flipping.

 There will be some work needed to turn an old website into something that can make a profit, so this is why some owners are happy to sell the site, rather than put the work into improving it.

 Can you make money from purchasing older established websites?

When someone flips a house, they either do so because they bought the house at way below market value, and they can realize a quick profit. Or, they spend some time and money on making improvements before they sell it on.

Old and neglected websites tend to fall into the second category. To make money from an established, but the forgotten website will need some effort. Often the buyer will develop a strategy to improve the content and to grow the traffic once more.

Buyers such as Content Plans purchase old websites and then revitalize them, and try to take them back to where they once stood. This means improving SEO, and content, removing dead links, and growing quality backlinks. Then, the choices are either to sell the site, use it for affiliate marketing, or further develop it.

 How is this process achieved?

Imagine buying an old car that has been sitting in weeds for years, and looks a bit rusty and generally worn out. Fixing up an older website will be similar to trying to fix that car. There will be technical problems to deal with on an old website, links will have died, and information will be out of date. Then it will need a bit of modernizing to remove the rust, and perhaps make it look a bit more modern.

 Once new and informative content has been added, it could be time to look at monetizing the site. This means adding advertising of some description and then making constant updates to get the website running as it once was.

Ideally, any old website would have originally been making some form of revenue. It is similar to taking a car that was once a great automotive example but has been neglected, and polishing and fixing it back up to its original state.

 How does content affect a website?

Even with the huge array of metrics that Google uses to determine search engine result rankings, content is still a critical part of SEO.

 Knowing how to enhance your business website to be SEO friendly is crucial if you wish your pages to appear high up on SERPs. Content helps to encourage visitors to return to a site, and what also holds their attention. Most people bounce from one page to another, or from one site to a different one, in a matter of seconds. 

There are plenty of other aspects that are important for making a website function as best as it can. Updates are another area.

 Why is updating a website important?

Adding fresh and useful content to a website is an important way to keep it relevant. Videos, images, and written content, all act as essential ways to gain an audience. 

You can inform your visitors, hold their interest, and hopefully, get them to purchase your products, or click through on advertising.

 If the content is not updated then it becomes less relevant. Out of date information will lead to a drop in SERPs, and less traffic. A website will look less trustworthy with out of date information, and less professional too.

 If you are wondering when is the right time for updating your website, then the answer is regularly. Updates help with trust and domain authority, and they can lead to more loyalty with your audience.

An old and neglected website can be restored to its former glory through some skill with SEO, knowledge, and some hard work. Understanding rivals, niches, and how to produce effective content are all critical for this. 

However, many website owners are no longer interested in trying to breathe life back into their old site. Thus, some individuals and businesses exist purely to carry out this activity. 

If you have an old site that once had a steady stream of visitors, and perhaps was flourishing, then you could still have something of worth on your hands. Finding an interested buyer could mean you can finally see some money back from your long-forgotten investment.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Tech and Innovation - Is There a Way to Turn Your Tired and Neglected Website Into Cash?
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