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When Is The Right Time To Update Your Website?


If you are like me, I am always searching for trending new ideas to keep my websites (Jean Criss Media and CRISSCROSSIntimates) fresh and full of new innovative content.  From product shots and updated lifestyle shots to stock images and compelling content that is concise yet changing each month.

We know that records show that if you update the Home page and landing pages frequently, it will draw more traffic to your site. A website should be updated every 2-3 years at minimum with redesigns or refreshed content more often.  In fact, according to many tech-savvy web experts, the metrics used to determine frequency for new web content and how effective your site performs involves looking at a few things.

Lead generation, traffic, lead conversion, if the content is engaging and friendly to the eye, improved calls to action, separate landing pages for sign-ups, promotions and giveaways.

Refreshing key words that solve visitor’s challenges over what you may think is important to emphasize about your product or service.

How many pages your website has – the more pages the more visible. As example, a 51+ page site is not large for a small business.  In fact, many companies have 100+ pages if you count all the continuing add-on pages that may follow a page type such as a Static page, Landing page, Blog page (offering call to action), and Confirmation page (for sign-ups or contact info), etc.  There are basically many ways in which to design and refresh content and these are things I tend to look for.

I also am constantly offering new innovative promotions with specific promo codes to best track back the results and blast on social media pre-holidays and on the holiday, while changing the promotional layout from time to time.

Keeping content fresh is something I enjoy doing and, also, I feel a necessary evil when you manage a small business and are trying to reach new customers.

These days most people want to see colorful clean screens with proper headings, subtitles, hyperlinks and minimal text to get the point across.  I know it may not be easy to be concise when you have a lot to say about your product or service but if you have a lot to say or a lot of content to add, here are my tips that may guide you to stay on track.

  1. Review your site often – as a rule of thumb, every few days at minimum to ensure links and pages have not been tampered and are all in working condition and looking good.
  2. For e-commerce sites, check your storefront to ensure all orders have been processed and closed out.
  3. Review the home page content regularly – a fresh layout can drive new traffic
  4. Keep content short and concise – don’t be verbose with product info, descriptions or details. Use bullets and hyperlinks as much as possible – I find that ‘less is best!
  5. I love using colorful buttons to make a call to action with hyperlink embedded.
  6. Don’t change page titles or subtitles often. Once you decide upon your webpage strategy stick with it.  It takes time to build your SEO optimization and consistency is key to drive traffic to pages with active links.
  7. Check your page links regularly to ensure they are working properly throughout your site.
  8. Never leave your backend website without closing it out; leaving it open makes it susceptible to spam and prey.
  9. Don’t share your passwords and web access with everyone. Be discrete with who has Admin vs Editor or other access-level rules. Don’t be put in the position of being locked out of your own site.
  10. Choose a host provider that offers you all the bells and whistles you are seeking with your new website. Don’t choose one that you ‘think’ is most popular.  Do your homework to ensure it meets your business needs and that of your industry and category.
  11. Select a new template and update it at least once every year or 18 months to keep it fresh.
  12. Be innovative, inspirational and creative to keep the attention of your audience.
  13. Add a touch of personality too – customer testimonials, reviews or comments always add value.
  14. Communicate back to your customers – create a blog for ongoing updates and provide an industry perspective
  15. Update product and services regularly, terms and conditions on websites too as that information may change from time to time with your brand or partner brands, or industry legal requirements.
  16. Promote, promote, promote! I like using a third-party app such a Hootsuite, for social media marketing across multiple platforms. Find what works best for your business.
  17. Measurement is key. I use Google Analytics which is a great source for tracking your web results from audience location to mobile traffic behavior, page bounce rates and site search behavior and more. If you study the results, you will learn what is needed to tweak your site for best performance and metrics.
  18. I find if you enjoy what you are posting, most likely your customers will too – make it fun and entertaining. Innovative and creative. Colorful and convincing. Leads will follow.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Agenda - When Is The Right Time To Update Your Website?
Jean Criss
Jean Criss is a digital media and tech expert where she manages Jean Criss Media and CRISSCROSSIntimates from her NJ and NYC based offices as a Media-preneur, Author, Blogger, and Fashion Designer. Jean is a regular contributor to the CEOWORLD magazine.