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Why Someone Will Not Return A Call

Communication between people has become hard. As time goes by, we become more and more distant, and relationships are not as easy as they used to be. Sometimes we avoid people, and sometimes we find ourselves in the unpleasant position of seeing others ignoring our call and efforts to communicate. It may be the simplest way to stop communication with somebody; however, this does not imply that it is the best way since we may hurt another person’s feelings.

Three are the main reasons why someone will not return a call, and here they are all presented:

  1. They do not have time.
    To start with, let us take the most innocent scenario for a fact. The truth is that the modern way of living does not give many chances for communication. People run like crazy just to take care of the basics. So, if someone does not return a call directly, it is not the end of the world. Consider the person’s situation to reach a solid condition about whether this was the case. Are they occupied with a demanding career? Do they have family and kids? Especially kids can absorb a lot of a person’s time and attention. Remember that if these people finally find a moment at the end of the day when they will not have something to do in particular, perhaps they want to take some rest which means they have completely forgotten your call.
  2. They do not wish to talk to you.
    Of course, a person who does not return a call may do it on purpose. If a person does not want to call you back, perhaps it means you have done something wrong. Something you may have said and hurt them, or a previous behavior where you ignored them in the first place, and now they want you to taste your own medicine. Also, have you ever thought of the possibility of you being too hard to handle? For instance, some people go on and ask for favors from their friends, putting them in a difficult position. Perhaps your friend is afraid of what you may request from them this time. Even if you have not done any harm, your mistake is probably that you have misread them and thought they would want to talk to you. This is fixable. The only thing you have to do is never call them back. Our suggestion is that you can give someone a call. Wait for a couple of days and try again with a call or a text message, depending on the relationship. If the other person is still not responding, then you can quit. The ball is in their court, and it is their obligation to call you back. Even if they just forgot about it, that does not mean they can ignore your calls. It is a matter of respect, and when people do not show it to us, we should walk away and find new friends.
  3. They do not care for you.
    Another case is that they do not particularly want to avoid you; they just do not care to see how you are doing. Again this does not mean they forgot. On the contrary, they have a solid understanding of your intentions to communicate, and they do not want to risk wasting their time on something that they do not care about. We could say that this is the most common reason why someone will not return a call. You see, in the previous example, when someone is mad at us, the most logical thing to do would be to tell us or at least give us a hint of why they want to stay away. However, if they are just bored of us, they will probably have nothing to declare regarding our relationship. What can you say to a person that you do not care about? It is hard to be straight and tell someone you find them boring. At the same time, it is honestly rude, and there is no reason to do it. If there is a way to avoid becoming rude, one will follow that road, and the first simplest thing they can do is not to return a call.
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