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Why Gossiping Is Tricky And Why Gossips Are Toxic

One of the 10 toxic personalities is the gossiper, and this does not come as a big surprise. According to a popular saying, ”Gossip has been loved by many people, but gossipers are not loved at all.” Today we talk about the reasons that make those who gossip so unpopular, as well as the reasons that so many people use gossip in their daily life.

  1. Some are happy with other people’s misery.
    If gossipers are known, for one thing, this is that other people’s misery makes them happy. In the gossipers’ minds, there is a lot of jealousy about others and this is expressed in the things they chose to talk about. When they share someone else’s story it is never to point out the positives. They always focus on the misfortunes and bad luck as if that satisfies them in a mysterious way. This passes out an atmosphere of negativity that will likely affect you and make you worry for unexpected bad turns of events in your own life.
  2. There is always the possibility you will be their next victim.
    Even if you find yourself enjoying the practice of gossip or having a good time with the company of these people, keep in mind that they will not hesitate to use your personal stories to entertain other people and cover their curiosity. So, no matter how attractive gossip can be, you will always have to keep an eye on how much you share about yourself. This fact alone makes you change from an open, happy person to a close personality that has to avoid sharing, and this is not your best you.
  3. They refuse to do the next step.
    The unfortunate part about these people is that they do not seem to care about anything else. They are devoted to the act of gossiping and they will not do the next step to get their minds out of the small world they have created and look at the whole picture. They can never be the bigger person who can be generous and in peace with themselves and they will never be able to drive you to places where a spiritual upgrade can be achieved.

The historic role of gossip
Gossip has its roots in the very past of human behavior and its role in the evolution of society has been more than useful. According to psychiatrists gossip is nothing more than storytelling. Just like fairytales, gossip talks about the stories of humans that have lived their lives in their own way. So, why is it so important? The reality is that gossip acts like a game of learning. As we hear stories of others we get to think, analyze, and judge the events that have occurred. We make assumptions and conclusions and finally try to get some sense of how the complex world of human interactions works. In other words, we try to avoid repeating the mistakes that other people have already done. We protect ourselves from future tragedies and find our path in life. The idea that one can learn what is wrong and what is right without having to find out from their own experience is quite clever. In addition, apart from listening to other people gossiping, we can also do the same thing ourselves. As we pass out the information to others we get to talk about the stories we share and get their opinion on particular matters that arise during the conversation. The gossip is just an excuse to go into deeper procedures of evolving. Eleanor Roosevelt once said that “Great minds discuss ideas, average ones discuss events, and small minds discuss people” and we could not agree more. Even though gossip is useful -and we will later talk about its importance- we have to admit there are other ways to become brighter which can help us grow faster mentally compared to this technique. Gossip is vital otherwise it would not have been a part of our lives but it is not the only way. As long as it is limited up to a certain degree, it is ok, but in the long run, it does not have a lot to offer.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Special Reports - Why Gossiping Is Tricky And Why Gossips Are Toxic
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