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10 Ways to Strategically Remove Snow

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Snow build-up can be a danger to yourself, friends, and family, along with causing potential damages to your property. There are certain limits your home can’t handle with the added strain of built-up snow. Commercial ice removal companies are great and can sometimes be the best way to clear ice and snow in your home in the safest and most secure way possible.

The removal of snow and ice is essential for your property’s maintenance and should always be done in the most strategic way possible. Here are 10 of the best ways you should employ strategic snow removal in your life.

  1. Set up a Schedule
    The best thing you can do when it comes to snow removal is set a schedule and keep to it. One of the worst things you can do is wait until the snow stops. Depending on how heavy the snowfall is you should lightly shovel your driveway every one to two hours.
  2. Melt Ice as Fast as Possible
    The winter months can be a troubling time, so you should always be prepared for the worst. You may find that after shoveling the snow away you are greeted with a layer of ice, this is where a salt alternative should be used. A good solution is a combination of dish soap, rubbing alcohol, and water in a bucket. Use this mixture in the areas that need it most.
  3. Get your Vacuum Out
    A vacuum can be an awesome solution for removing snow by simply sucking up the snow and moving it to another location. One of the better ideas is turning your vacuum exhaust into a blower. Simply point to the snow and blow it away.
  4. Snow Blower
    If the vacuum you have can’t be turned into a blower, opt for the classic leaf blower. Leaf blowers work amazingly in removing the fluffier, lighter snow. We recommend that you start from the middle of the driveway and blow the snow towards the edges. When this is completed, make a U-turn and come down the opposite side, and alternate when needed. Using this method you won’t have to adjust the chute as often and a second walk won’t be needed.
  5. Shovel Attachments
    Snow shovel attachments can be perfect to save you lots of time and effort, with one of the best being the back-saver. There are lots of back-saver options on the market allowing you to turn your favorite shovel into something much more comfortable. You will be able to use better hand positions while reducing back strain.
  6. Socks Over your Shoes
    Finding that you’re slipping around while shoveling snow? A great solution to add more traction is by wearing a pair of socks over the top of your shoes. With this outer pair, you will be much less likely to fall over on any area of the ice.
  7. Get a Comfortable Shovel
    Should snow removal always hurt your back? There are some options online that offer three handles to make your life much easier. The first handle is for pushing the snow, while the other two are used for lifting. This kind of shovel also features a footrest to give you extra power to break up snow or ice that has been packed together.
  8. Cooking Spray
    Cooking spray is a handy option if you find that a certain patch of snow is difficult to shovel or is wet and heavy. Spray the cooking oil on your shovel which will then help you glide your shovel through the snow and prevent any sticking. It is important that you remember to wipe up and clean your shovel when you have finished using it to avoid any mess that could occur from the cooking spray.
  9. Salt Spreading
    Salt is a powerful substance and has ties to the earth. In ancient times you would have been considered a shaman if you possessed the secrets of salt. Using salt on your driveway is great as it reacts and melts large quantities as well as preventing any future build-up of ice or snow between 0°C and -20°C. If you find that your car is struggling to move off of your driveway in those snowy months, a combination of salt and sand is a great way to add a little more traction.
  10. Be Prepared
    If you don’t have any tools or equipment ready such as shovels, snow blower, or salt, a plastic tarp can be really handy. Cover walkways and exposed sidewalks along with your car if you are anticipating snow. When the snow cover falls simply remove the tarp to behold a clear underside.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Tech and Innovation - 10 Ways to Strategically Remove Snow
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