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3 Steps To Start A New Career

Fish jumps from a small bowl into a bigger one

Changes are essential for our development, and even though every start may be scary initially, it should finally be welcomed and embraced, even in the cases where you were not the one who decided on this significant change, you need to think about how you can adjust to the new standards. When it comes to jobs, things are more or less the same. No matter whether it is a new love, a new career, or a lifetime opportunity that you had not been expecting, you always have to be organized. Starting a new career is a challenge itself. A to-do list would be useful to see what boxes you should check to be ready for this exciting journey.

Below we throw some ideas about what you should do before moving on to the next step:

  1. Start with the preparation
    Assuming that you have already decided that it is time for you to move on, the first thing to do is to see what you personally would enjoy doing. It is a mix of interests and values that will determine your preferences. For example, you may be interested in theater, but if you also care for a big salary and security in your job, perhaps being an actor would not be the best fit for you. So, remember to think not only about your likes and dislikes but also about the realistic part of the job. Once you figure out that, you will want to see your options. A list of possible careers would be ideal here. Making a list will help you shorten your alternatives and double-check which ones satisfy your criteria indeed. One of the most important aspects you have to decide at this point is the way you want to work. Would you rather work as an employee or a freelancer? Also, think about the scenario of starting something on your own. It may be a little riskier, but it will allow you to be completely independent.
  2. Turning your dream into reality
    So far, we have built the foundations of this beautiful adventure. Let’s focus on how you can move on from this point. Having a raw idea of two or a maximum of three alternatives, you can do a small research on what is out there for you. Is what you have imagined close to reality. See what companies offer and whether it would be possible for you to apply. It is almost certain that you will need to enrich the list of skills you have for this new career. Your existing skills may have been ideal for the job you have already been involved with, but a new job means new opportunities and new requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to further narrow down your alternatives since you will be starting to invest time and money to develop extra skills. Not to mention the fact that you have to see where you should go to learn these skills since options will again be numerous. If you are a strong-willed person, you will move on with this part quickly and be ready to add these skills to your resume. The point where you rearrange your resume needs further consideration, however. When you apply for a completely different job, you can’t hand the resume you used all these years in your previous career just adding the extra skills. On the contrary, you have to think about what employers will need from you and create a completely new resume that will manage to communicate your skills, training, and experience in a way that will be appealing to HR when they want to cover the positions of the career you are interested in.
  3. Dive into it and get started
    Finally, you are at the point where you can start setting goals. You are now ready to apply. Remember, you may be carrying many years of experience in general, but you are new in this unknown industry. No one knows you, and you probably don’t know anyone, so it may take some time. Be patient and apply to as many positions as possible. Applications are boring, but unfortunately, they are necessary to find what you want. At some point, you will get hired, and if you are a freelancer, you will have your first customer. Those who run their own business will find themselves serving the first customer. The thing is that you will be a newbie for the first year, so our advice at this point is not to underestimate the difficulties of this career and be committed to your goals and engaged in the long-term vision.
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