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Entrepreneur Trevor Edwards: How Collaboration Leads to Success

Trevor Edwards

What’s the key to unlocking your success? When you first start out in your career, you may find yourself asking that question. While there are many ingredients that propel you up the career ladder, it would be a mistake to overlook the role collaboration plays. “Connecting and collaborating with others runs through everything I do,” explains business magnate Trevor Edwards. As you strive to reach your goals, working with others is essential. A fact Trevor Edwards says he knows all too well.

Since launching his career, Trevor Edwards has seen much success — from taking the lead at top-performing global consumer brands to overseeing a $34 billion athletics business.

Trevor Edwards is the former president of a $34 billion world-renowned athletic brand where he reported directly to the CEO and managed the category business units, product and merchandising divisions, global marketing, sales, and digital technology. 

While many of his professional accolades can be attributed to his drive, determination, and willingness to succeed, he’s equally no stranger to professional collaborations. From working beneath creative mentors to teaming up with co-workers, Trevor Edwards has spent a great deal of his working life actively participating with other big names in the industry. He was a celebrity magnet, drawing in the starry likes of LeBron James and Serena Williams for high-profile collaborations.

Regardless of where you are in your career, there’s an important lesson to be learned: Understanding the value of collaborating with other professionals will put you in a prime position when it comes to your long-term career. With that in mind, Trevor Edwards wants up-and-coming professionals to consider these three points. 

Collaboration Fuels Motivation 

The vast majority of roles include some form of collaboration, whether you’re working with team members or liaising with other departments. While working together makes sense in terms of completing projects, there’s another benefit you might want to consider. Research published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology suggests working as part of a team helps to fuel intrinsic motivation. The study authors stated collaboration made work feel like play. Put simply, it means projects are more fun. 

Should you struggle with everyday workplace motivation, branching out and working alongside your coworkers could be the answer. There’s a strong networking element to this style of project, which means that you fulfill your social needs at the same time. In the case of Trevor Edwards, he found collaborating with others helped him spark new ideas and gain the motivation he needed when working in a highly creative environment. 

Take Inspiration From Creative Professionals

Whether you’re taking the first step on the career ladder or a seasoned professional, there’s always value in finding a mentor. This individual may be your boss, your manager, or even a professional you look up to. 

“I’ve been fortunate to meet a lot of amazing people who contributed to helping me thrive,” says Trevor Edwards. “In the early days of my career, Alicia Whitaker, an HR executive at Colgate, encouraged and helped me get into my field, and then there was David Metzler, a president at Colgate,” says Trevor Edwards. “He was an incredible guy, who sadly has passed away now. I really appreciated how they took the time to mentor me and, give me valuable advice — including things I didn’t want to hear at the time. I have always [strove]strived to pay that forward.” 

Throughout your career, you may have the chance to take inspiration from a mentor and learn from them. However, their significance does not end there. Your mentor may be able to open the door to new opportunities in the industry. As they’re likely to be well connected, you may find they know about job vacancies and new projects before you. 

Trevor Edwards Says Keep Problem-Solving Top of Mind

Whatever field you work in, much of your role will include problem-solving. Most positions feature an element of solution-finding — whether that means creating the best advertising campaign or determining the ideal time to launch something new. As the old saying goes, “two minds are better than one.” Trevor Edwards says he’s under no illusion that he always has the right answer and trusts the opinion of those around him.

“You don’t have all the answers, there’s always someone smarter than you, and the power of a team wins out over an individual,” says Trevor Edwards. 

For that reason, whenever you come up against a challenge or obstacle in your professional life, outsourcing the dilemma could be the answer. No professional is an island. The truth is, we need to work alongside others to gain the best possible results. This is an ethos that Trevor Edwards has held throughout his career. 

Trevor Edwards: Collaboration Is Key to Success

The takeaway is straightforward: Collaboration is the foundation of career success. Whatever your personal or professional goals, learning this lesson early on could have a significant impact on your trajectory. While there are many different ways to boost your collaborative skills, you may want to look at opportunities within your current work. Speak to your manager about any available projects or ways in which you can work alongside your co-workers on a higher level.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Tech and Innovation - Entrepreneur Trevor Edwards: How Collaboration Leads to Success
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