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Check Out These 6 Facts About Burberry!

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Burberry is a name that is synonymous with the very heritage of British fashion. Over the course of its one hundred and fifty years of existence, it has continuously turned out iconic designer wear. Almost everyone who is someone in fashion, with the inclusion of movie stars, has at some point in time adorned a Burberry masterpiece. And it is not just the brand name that is hailed; its fine quality tailoring and top-notch fabric have always been the reason for people have sought it out amongst a hundred other equally prestigious brands.

In the present article, we are going to take you over the six most iconic things about the brand.

  1. The iconic trench coat – A long line of history
    Crafted in three measures – the Chelsea, the Kensington, and the Westminster; and yes we are using the word ‘crafted’ because it is nothing short of absolute brilliance. The three measures allow you to choose the one that suits you best. You can go for a slim fit, or the tailored, or the most relaxed of the three that allows for additional layering (Chelsea, Kensington, and Westminster in that order). This classic trench coat is still in production and is counted as one of the oldest fashion trends to be alive today.
  2. Its customers are amongst the British royalty
    You read that right, members of the British Royal Family are among the most loyal customers of Burberry. And this prestigious tradition dates back to almost over a hundred years even before when Burberry was appointed as the official Weatherproofer in 1955. Most famously, the brand draped the late Princess Diana in one of its iconic trench coats. Its quality and integrity are two of the reasons why this tradition continues to date.
  3. Flagbearer of shopping technology
    You love getting your clothes delivered on the same day, don’t you? Burberry was doing the same thing for its customers all the way back in 1934. Yes, you read that right, even before the concept of home delivery was a thing, Burberry was making it happen. Even as recently as 2012, Burberry was setting trends by being the first fashion giant to live stream a fashion show. And then in 2016, it again became the first brand to invite customers to see it, buy it shows where they could buy the dresses debuting on the ramp just after the show.
  4. The brand with two logos
    Burberry has not one but two logos for its brand. Along with the one that not many people know, the signature house check; they also have the equestrian knight as their other logo. This one was included in the 1900s after being selected as the top entry in a public competition for designing a new logo for the brand. Burberry has kept around both these prints and uses them selectively on its merchandise to segregate their clientele and exclusivity. A crest goes a long way in deciding distinctiveness!
  5. Intricate manufacturing process
    Remember the iconic trench coat that we were talking about at the beginning of this article? Well, that takes over three weeks to get made. And more than a hundred steps (with the inclusion of quality checks and control) are involved in its manufacturing process. Every coat must live up to the standard expected of them. Now, the long production timeline and the tediously slow manufacturing process are a nod to the quality that Burberry builds into its garments. After all, it is not for nothing that the brand has had the privilege of being tailors to the Royal Family for so long.
  6. A constant through changing times, a home for legends
    A number of brands were born and then wrapped up during the course of Burberry’s existence. Being around a hundred and fifty years old, Burberry has been the witness to changing times and the changing fortunes of Britain. To survive for so long a time is an achievement in itself. Burberry’s weaving and fabric quality have been the learning blocks for many icons of this world. Their contribution is legendary also because they have been the first in many fields, leading the way for innovation and growth in the world of fashion.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Lifestyle and Travel - Check Out These 6 Facts About Burberry!
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