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Best Universities to Study UX in the Netherlands, 2022

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The user experience design helps one to explore different steps of designing a website or say an application which in return gets more audience or user groups. UX designers get an opportunity to explore and test a large variety of solutions to resolve any user problems. The designer needs to develop new modern ways of developing software so that they keep up with the technological advancements that are introduced and what increases user satisfaction. New enhanced technologies are always welcomed which improve communication as well as entertainment, however, for the proper use of the technology one has to adapt and accept the changes that are done. Down below is a list of colleges and universities where you can study UX in the Netherlands:

  1. Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e)
    The human-technology interaction at the Eindhoven University of Technology marks its goal to build basic trust and understanding with the user by giving a better look at the technology. This also needs a person to have a good level of understanding and comfort with both the human aspect and also the technology aspect. The program offered here majorly focuses on better and new opportunities and problems that arise from the ever-changing domains of the technologies. The student will have to have a great understanding of technology that would be a major part of their engineering course in the area of your interest.

  2. Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
    The master program at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences goals at educating a student who can create, adapt, and also apply design processing into better and interactive digital products that are ethically driven towards people, profit, and most importantly the planet. The course revolves around areas like literacy research, creation, and the basic as well as important part which is strategy. During the course, all the projects and events overlap and help you maintain a better relationship between topics and how to apply new studio settings. The university has a lab that helps to develop and build digital as well as physical products of all kinds.

  3. The Graphic Lyceum Rotterdam
    The Graphic Lyceum Rotterdam is a professional institution in the Netherlands under the category of innovative education field of media along with design and technology. The institution is focused on its ambition in providing quality and most innovative vocational education to its students, companies, and importantly an independent professional in the creative industry. This place has more than 400 certified and qualified staff that have educated more than 4,000 students over the years.

  4. Utrecht School of the Arts
    Utrecht is known for its very unique combination of branding and UX. It has over the years developed products that just not work great but also stand out of the league. They always use the latest and best techniques along with design guidelines. The school has a very rare and unique way of working which is result-driven. The artificial intelligence program delivered by the university offers students interactive, small group learning experiences through lectures. It also examines the semantics of how natural language and argumentation work.

  5. The Great Gerrit Rietveld Academie
    This academy is an international university of applied science for fine arts and design in Amsterdam. It is also home to a very closely knitted community of international students. It trains the students to enhance their skills and master the tool of not just imagination but also makes them specialize their sensory intelligence which stands as an essential asset in society. In the duration of three years, the students learn about designing labs, graphic design, ceramics, large glass, and many many other similar subjects.

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