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Things to do to prepare for your Campus Placement Interview 

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It is the final year of university, and there will be so much happening in a short period of time. I am not exaggerating when I say that the final year hits like a truck. And, while you are amid the craziness, there are placement interviews to be taken care of. Placement interviews are probably the most intimidating aspect of the final year, and cracking them is even more. Your future may depend on how you perform in these interviews so you must take them very seriously.

Now there are many ways to successfully crack these interviews. The efficacy of most of them is very subjective so there is no guarantee that what works for you will work for others. However, there are a few which are fundamental to good preparation and generally work for everyone. A placement interview could become a life-changing moment, and you have got to get things done the right way. So, take these fundamentals very diligently.

Here are 5 tips that can help you crack placement interviews.

  1. Know everything there is about the company
    Whichever company interview you choose to sit for, make sure you know everything there is you should know about it. It makes sense to know about the company because why you would be there for the interview if you don’t even know what the company is all about. Go to the official website of the company, read about its history, vision, top managerial staff, achievements, and latest initiatives. Also, explore more information about the company through newspapers and any resource person from the said company. Armed with this knowledge, you can align your answers accordingly.

  1. Take help from seniors
    This is the time to socialize and know as many people as you can. Networking is the gateway to knowledge which you may not otherwise get easily. Ask around your seniors who are working or have worked at the company which will interview you. You need to gather information about a range of things, and these include the profile of the company, the work culture, the interview questions, special tricks for cracking the interview, attitudinal patterns of the potential interviewers, and whatnot. Your seniors will offer you a real-time analysis of the company, and this information can assist you in tailoring your strategy.

  1. Dress up in your best overalls
    No matter how well-received the work culture of the company is you mustn’t take it for granted. Perhaps, the interviewers are super chill about the interview but you cannot let it affect your sense of propriety. It is fundamental to wash yourself up, dress up in formals, tidy your hair, trim your beard, avoid too much make-up, and avoid anything that is flashy or casual. The way you dress reflects on your seriousness for the job. Yeah, one more thing, you better iron your clothes a day before the interview; many students just forget about this.

  1. Know your area well
    Let us say you are sitting for an interview for a firm that deals with international trade law. If you think mere textbook or basic knowledge about the subject suffices, then you are not thinking enough. Make sure you have brushed up your knowledge of the subject, read about the latest developments, analyzed the cases which the firm has dealt with, and other contemporary issues concerning the subject. Ensure that your fundamentals are clear because there are times when the firms only ask a few questions on the basics, and many interviewees fail on that front.

  1. It is not a day’s work to crack campus placement interview
    Just in case you think you will prepare a day before the interview and crack it you will have to revise your scheme. You may be the smartest cookie out there and have been earning laurels after laurels, but campus placement tests everyone. Don’t be overconfident in your abilities, and prepare well. Start at least a week before the date of the interview. This much time should be sufficient to consult seniors, collect materials, prepare strategy, and practice. Ask a friend to help you practice your speech for the interview. Take it slow, steady, and seriously and for all of this, you need time.

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