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Prof. Nabhit Kapur

Prof. Nabhit Kapur

Prof. Nabhit Kapur is a well-known psychologist who is well-versed in understanding mental health as well as studying and grasping behaviours of how people communicate with each another. He is also an author, TEDx speaker, and internationally recognized ambassador for mental health and peace. He graduated from Amity University and completed his postgraduation from IBMS, Chittoor.

Nabhit Kapur is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. You can follow him on Twitter, LinkedIn, and his website.
Nabhit Kapur
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Mental Health is an unavoidable part of our overall health and cannot be ignored at any cost. In the past few years, especially after the pandemic of COVID-19, people cannot ignore the impact created by various factors such as gap of isolation enforced by the pandemic. A lot of people...
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