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World’s Most Difficult Visas And Their Process

Nobody in the world likes rejection. But what if we tell you that there is a high chance of facing a “NO” if you plan to visit these countries. Well, for starters, who don’t know there are over 195 countries globally, and travelling to these might come with a minimal visa proceeding. But certain nations across the globe have also been crowned for having the most complicated process regarding visa approval.

Let us check out their names and what adds to the complications regarding the documentation.

  1. Russia
    Russia is a country everyone wants to visit. However, if you have already gone through the complicated process for a Russian visa, then you will get the hang of what we are trying to say. One of the things that makes Russian visas challenging is the number of questions one has to fill in the form. Apart from this, to get the visa approved, you also need to fill in all places you have visited in the last ten years. All these combined make the Russian visa process quite complicated.

    Saint Petersburg, Russia

  2. North Korea
    North Korea is the second country on our list with the most difficult visa process. First of all, tourists who wish to visit the country must apply for a visa through state-approved tourist agencies. And the complications do not end here. If at all your visa is not approved, you would be denied an opportunity to explore the country. Even people who are from North America or South Korea are not eligible for the visa.

  3. Cuba
    Cuba is another country that is quite difficult to visit for American citizens. Also, if by anyhow you do get permission for travel then you will receive a tourist pink card which is different from the green tourist card issued to people belonging to different nationalities.

  4. Somalia
    Well, for starters who do not know, Somalia is ranked as one of the dangerous places in the world to visit. And this also shows in its visa complications. First of all, entering Somalia as a tourist is not encouraged, and if somehow you get access to the country, a security detail accompanies you for safety.
  5. Iran
    Iran also hosts a strict screening process for visa applicants. Visitors need to have a verification code applied through an Iranian travel agency. If you are from the US, UK, Canada, Columbia, Iraq, Jordan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, visa-on-arrival is denied.
  6. Afghanistan
    Everyone is aware of the recent political developments that have taken place in Afghanistan. And this has made it even harder to enter the country. Also, you are denied entry into the nation if you hold a diplomatic passport issued by countries such as India, Indonesia, Iran, Tajikistan and Turkey.
  7. Turkmenistan
    Turkmenistan falls into the list of least visited countries due to having a strict visa policy. However, if you still want to visit the country you may have to fill three copies of the filled-in visa application by the Turkmen State Migration Service. And the ordeal doesn’t end here. Visitors also need to procure a Letter of Invitation from a sponsor in Turkmenistan, and it may take 20 days to get the letter.
  8. Saudi Arabia
    Although acquiring a visa for Saudi Arabia has toned down over the years, there are still some rules that visitors have to follow. Places like Mecca and Medina are off-limits to the non-muslims, and Israeli citizens are still not allowed.
  9. Chad
    Another country to make it to our list is Chad. What makes the visa process of the nation tiring is that the country does not have a standard processing time. The application form is only available in French and thus applicants must have a good grasp of the language. Apart from this, the passport shall be picked by a courier which can be difficult to coordinate.
  10. Bhutan
    Bhutan does not approve individual visas, which makes the overall process complicated. Other than nations such as India, Bangladesh, and The Maldives getting visas to access the country is difficult. However, you can still enter the country by organizing a trip and end up paying for the visa fee in advance.

    Taktsang or Tiger's Nest, Paro, Bhutan

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - World’s Most Difficult Visas And Their Process
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