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CEO Spotlight: The Surreal Rise and Success of His Highness Prince Mohammed bin Turki Al-Saud

Prince Mohammed bin Turki Al-Saud
Prince Mohammed bin Turki Al-Saud

Prince Mohammed bin Turki Al-Saud was named Group CEO on January 1, 2020. With the assistance of the business leadership team, he is responsible for designing and executing the Company’s strategy. He is also accountable for shaping and improving the Company’s culture in alignment with the long-term strategic direction of the company. He also contributes significantly to the development of solid relationships with strategic clients and partners.

Prior to becoming CEO, Prince Mohammad served as the Company’s President, where he managed daily operations and was instrumental in the company’s expansion. Prince Mohammad formerly held a variety of positions, including General Manager of Engineering and Architecture and business analyst. He also worked at Shell Overseas Services in the business development department.

HH In January 2020, Prince Mohammad was appointed CEO of Dar Al Riyadh. He previously held positions of President, Business Analyst, and General Manager of Engineering and Architecture at Dar Al Riyadh. During his term as president and CEO of Dar Al Riyadh, the company experienced exponential development, growing from 400 people in 2003 to nearly 2300 in 2014. He pioneered new business lines and systems, including CMS, PMC, and GIS procedures.

He serves as chairman of the board of directors of Massadr HR Services Company and on the boards of directors of other joint venture companies, including SAPL (Saudi Arabian Parsons), WAL (Wipro Arabia Limited), CBRE (CBRE Saudi Arabia), and TIDAREC (Technip Energies & DAR Engineering Consultancy Company).

In addition to his job as CEO, Prince Mohammad serves as chairman of the board of directors of Massadr HR Services Company and as a member of the boards of directors of the following joint venture entities:

  • SAPL (Saudi Arabian Parsons)
  • WHAL (Wipro Arabia Limited)
  • CBRE, Inc. (CBRE Saudi Arabia)
  • TIADREC (Technip Italy & DAR Engineering Consultancy Company)

Prince Mohammad earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from Swarthmore College in the United States of America and a master’s degree in global management from The London School of Economics and Political Science in 2017 (LSE).

Dar Al-Riyadh, a major engineering firm, has launched a massive recruitment effort in conjunction with the introduction of a new employment website –

As a leader in the burgeoning construction sector, the company is seeking top people to execute some of the country’s largest projects.

In Saudi Arabia, there are presently around SR 2.35 trillion worth of construction projects in the pipeline, and Dar Al-Riyadh is one of the primary firms bidding for that business.

Among the company’s active projects are the Ministry of Housing and the King Abdullah Financial District.

It currently employs over 3,000 employees and expects to hire an additional 2,000 engineers, architects, and project managers over the next year.

Dar Al-Riyadh, as an employer, offers diversity and a healthy work environment, according to Ian A. Ward, the company’s director of construction supervision.

While delegation is one of a leader’s primary tasks, it can be challenging to delegate properly. The objective is not only to liberate yourself; it is also to empower your direct reports to grow, to foster teamwork, to provide autonomy, and to result in more informed decision-making. As a leader, HH Prince Mohammad developed trust with his subordinates in order to delegate more effectively.

For others, the term “influence” connotes a negative connotation. However, the ability to persuade others through logical, emotive, or cooperative arguments is a critical characteristic of inspiring, effective leaders like HH Prince Mohammad. His influence is distinct from manipulation, and he always approaches to conduct it in an authentic and transparent manner. It necessitates emotional acuity and trust. Learn how successful influence may change the game.

Empathy has been shown to be associated with job success and is a necessary component of emotional intelligence and leadership effectiveness. Our research indicates that if you demonstrate more inclusive leadership and compassionate behaviours toward your direct reports, you are more likely to be perceived as a higher performer by your supervisor. Additionally, empathy and inclusion are critical components of improving the working environment of others around you, as HH Prince Mohammad encapsulates in his professional life.

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