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CEO Spotlight: Meet Athena Severi – Entrepreneur, Community Creator & Queen Of Amazon

Athena Severi, Co-Founder at Titan Network
Athena Severi, Co-Founder at Titan Network

“Who’s excited to be here today? Who’s ready to take their business to the next level?” It doesn’t take more than 30 seconds watching Athena Severi on stage to see why people flock to her events, queue up to see her talk and follow her insights on social media. Her reputation precedes her as someone who makes a tangible, life-changing impact on entrepreneurs’ lives.

“What Amazon equates to me is freedom. I know from experience that building a successful Amazon business can provide lifestyle freedom, and I want to help others live their life with passion and purpose too”.

Corporate Job to Amazon Empire

Few female entrepreneurs are as successful as Athena in the Amazon industry (now known as the “Queen of Amazon”), but she never set her sights on being an Amazon seller.

It was while working from home, juggling a high pressure corporate job and childcare – taking calls from big clients while bouncing a baby on her knee – when she had a chance encounter with someone setting up an Amazon business.

“I wasn’t getting ahead, and achieving what I wanted to. I felt like I wasn’t being a good Mom or a career person. Something had to give, and it turned out that Amazon was the vehicle to help me find time and location freedom”

Despite not having any experience, she built a brand on Amazon and left her job after just three months.

Helping Female Entrepreneurs Find Their Power

Before long, other Moms took an interest in Athena’s venture. She says, “sometimes women feel guilty for not being in the kitchen, or not having a high-powered career. I wanted to help them find the confidence to do both – pursue their dreams and be a good mother, while understanding that establishing a balance may always be a struggle”.

Finding herself as the only woman at industry events, and often being asked how her husband “let” her travel, only made her more determined to guide other female entrepreneurs to reach their goals.

What began as mentoring fellow Moms at her house, grew to meet ups and small events, before a 70-person cruise with industry leaders.


After being told her cruise was more effective than other significantly expensive masterminds, she knew she’d found her calling, but it was in China where something even more magical happened.

China Magic

An underwhelming sourcing trip to China left Athena inspired to create her own: China Magic.

Before joining the corporate world, Athena spent 8 years at a non-profit organization where she saw the power of the collective first-hand by introducing real experts to those starting out.

She knew that bringing along incredibly successful Amazon entrepreneurs to mentor sellers would be the quickest way to help them reach their goals, and skip commonly made mistakes along the way.

Now the number one sourcing trip in the world, she has seen early sellers reach a professional level (scaling up to 8 figures), using what they learnt in just 12 days.

Becoming a Titan

Athena saw the life-changing progress that could be made with proper mentorship and leadership and China Magic attendees longed for continued networking and guidance after the trip. This inspired Titan Network, a members-only organization for elite Amazon sellers.

Athena and successful Amazon entrepreneur (and China Magic mentor) Dan Ashburn would bring the top minds from different parts of the industry to create a completely unique network where Amazon sellers could take the journey from inception, to scale, to strategic exit with never-seen-before results.

Athena says: “Being an entrepreneur can be lonely, but Titan Network’s synergy is powerful: it encourages sellers to stay accountable to their goals, overcome their fears and share an abundance mindset”.

Unlike other masterminds, Titan Network is not about a single person with a single experience, but about helping sellers discover their passion, and find something bigger than themselves.

Athena says: “Titan is unlike anything else and could never be duplicated. As well as having the best minds in the Amazon industry as mentors, we have the unfair advantage of being an incredible family too. Everyone who’s a part of Titan is doing it because of a passion and purpose to help others succeed, it’s become a real movement that produces incredible results”.

About Athena SeveriWhen it comes to events in ecommerce, few are as groundbreaking as those hosted by Athena Severi. An internationally acclaimed speaker and high-level community builder, Athena has become known for helping fellow Amazon entrepreneurs to achieve lifestyle freedom. Like all great entrepreneurs, Athena’s no stranger to taking risks, none more so than when she left her 6-figure job to start selling on Amazon, all while raising a young family. This tenacity and work ethic has become as renowned as her events are, from starting out with small-scale gatherings for fellow working mothers; to China Magic, a bi-annual 12-day sourcing and networking trip to China; and now as the Co-Founder of Titan Network, a premier invite-only mastermind for Amazon sellers. Athena’s ultimate goal is to guide Amazon entrepreneurs from around the world, so as well as these life-changing in-person events, she can be found sharing her mentorship and insight with her loyal fanbase on Instagram and Clubhouse.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Spotlight - CEO Spotlight: Meet Athena Severi – Entrepreneur, Community Creator & Queen Of Amazon
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