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50 Wealthiest Families In The United States, 2021: America’s Richest Dynasties

A pandemic hasn’t stopped many of America’s richest families from adding to their fortunes. It comes as no surprise that the wealthiest family in the United States is the Waltons – with a net worth of $247 billion. That’s $147 billion more than the second wealthiest family – Koch Family.

The Koch family is America’s second-richest family. Their fortune is rooted in an oil firm founded by Fred Chase Koch. Following Fred’s death in 1967, the firm was inherited by his four sons— Frederick Robinson Koch, Charles de Ganahl Koch, David Hamilton Koch, and William Ingraham Koch.

When we think about the richest people in the United States — we think of names such as Bezos, Gates, Buffett Zuckerberg, and Musk. But often, it’s the wealthiest dynasties in the United States that hold deeper pockets. America’s 50 richest families hold a collective wealth of $1.2 trillion.

The 50 richest families in America, based on net worth

  1. Walton Family (Worth: $247 billion; Walmart Inc.)
  2. Koch Family (Worth: $100 billion; Koch Industries)
  3. Mars Family (Worth: $94 billion; Mars Inc.)
  4. Cargill-MacMillan Family (Worth: $47 billion; Cargill Inc.)
  5. Lauder Family (Worth: $240 billion; Estee Lauder)
  6. S.C. Johnson Family (Worth: $37 billion; S. C. Johnson & Son, Inc. )
  7. (Edward) Johnson Family (Worth: $36 billion; Fidelity)
  8. Cox Family (Worth: $34.5 billion; Cox Enterprises)
  9. Pritzker Family (Worth: $32.5 billion; Hyatt)
  10. Newhouse Family (Worth: $30 billion; Advance Publications, Inc.)
  11. Duncan Family (Worth: $22 billion; Enterprise Product Partners)
  12. Hearst Family (Worth: $21 billion; Hearst Corp.)
  13. Brown Family (Worth: $20.4 billion; Brown-Forman Corp.)
  14. Marshall Family (Worth: $18.5 billion; Koch Industries/Diversified)
  15. Butt Family (Worth: $17.8 billion; H.E.B. grocery store chain)
  16. Busch Family (Worth: $17.6 billion; Anheuser -Busch)
  17. Du Pont Family (Worth: $16 billion; DuPont)
  18. Hunt Family (Worth: $15.5 billion; Oil/Diversified)
  19. Dorrance Family (Worth: $15 billion; Campbell Soup Co.)
  20. Ziff Family (Worth: $15 billion; Publishing)
  21. Cathy Family (Worth: $14.2 billion; Chick-fil-A)
  22. Stryker Family (Worth: $14 billion; Medical equipment)
  23. Goldman Family (Worth: $13.2 billion; Real estate)
  24. Rollins Family (Worth: $13.2 billion; Orkin pest control)
  25. Gallo Family (Worth: $12.4 billion; Wine, Liquor)
  26. Reyes Family (Worth: $12 billion; Food & beer distribution)
  27. Kohler Family (Worth: $11.7 billion; Plumbing products, sinks)
  28. Mellon Family (Worth: $11.5 billion; Banking)
  29. Smith Family (Worth: $11.3 billion; Tools, banking)
  30. Bass Family (Worth: $10.8 billion; Oil, investments)
  31. Sackler Family (Worth: $10.8 billion; Purdue Pharm)
  32. Johnson Family (Worth: $10.7 billion; Johnson & Johnson)
  33. Marriott Family (Worth: $10.4 billion; Marriott Hotels)
  34. Crown Family (Worth: $10.2 billion; Investments)
  35. Hughes Family (Worth: $10.2 billion; Public Storage Inc.)
  36. Pigott Family (Worth: $10.1 billion; Truck-maker Paccar)
  37. Shoen Family (Worth: $9 billion; U-Haul)
  38. (Don & Doris) Fisher Family (Worth: $8.9 billion; The Gap)
  39. Jenkins Family (Worth: $8.8 billion; Publix Super Markets)
  40. Chao Family (Worth: $8.6 billion; Westlake Chemical Corp.)
  41. (Charles & Rupert) Johnson Family (Worth: $8.6 billion; Franklin Resources)
  42. Phipps Family (Worth: $8.6 billion; Carnegie Steel, Bessemer Trust)
  43. Rockefeller Family (Worth: $8.4 billion; Oil)
  44. E.W. Scripps Family (Worth: $8.4 billion; Newspapers)
  45. Bechtel Family (Worth: $8.3 billion; Construction, engineering)
  46. Gore Family (Worth: $8.2 billion; Gore-Tex)
  47. Durst Family (Worth: $8.1 billion; Real estate)
  48. Taylor Family (Worth: $7.8 billion; Enterprise Rent-A-Car)
  49. Simplot Family (Worth: $7.7 billion; Agribusiness)
  50. Barbey Family (Worth: $7.3 billion; Textiles, apparel)
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