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Top 5 Tips On How To Deliver The Perfect Product

Owning a business is not only about whether the audience needs this product. It is also about whether the product is good enough. To estimate a product’s performance, you also have to evaluate the delivery aspects. The product has to stand out from the competition, and in a supersaturated market, this is often hard to accomplish. What else can you do to help your product do well?

Let’s have a quick look at what is expected from a product to thrive on its journey to the market.

  1. Customer service
    Consider that your product is not the item or the service you sell, but it is the overall shopping experience. Building your product is, by all means, essential, but it doesn’t stop there. No one will be happy if they order a product they have it delivered after a month. Managing complaints is also a serious aspect. You don’t want customers to leave anything less than a 5-star review. Connect with them on social media and try not only promoting there but also connecting with them. If you have a website have a customer support line where people can text or call.
  2. Returns policy
    We advise you to adopt a flexible return policy to encourage your buyers to stick with your brand. If the products you sell are relatively cheap, this is something you may not be able to support. Additionally, in case you sell a product that customers can apply to them, such as underwear or earrings, it is a good idea to avoid returns. You see, when people return a product, they know you might sell it to another customer. Knowing that they know that they might receive products that a previous buyer bought and returned. It will not help them feel safe to know they wear the earrings that a lady disregarded in the past, since they might be infected from what she may have.
  3. Discounts
    The psychology of the consumer requires that you let them feel they have a profit from their purchase. They need to think that they invest, rather than they spend. They also want to make sure they seize opportunities, where other people can’t. If you don’t want to lower the price of a product, simply raise the price and provide a discount on the initially high price. Don’t let customers feel that they are overcharged and help them conclude that you have the most competing price on the market and that you are willing to engage them.
  4. Fees
    Fees are mostly an issue for online orders. Consumers don’t feel happy when they are at the point where they are about to complete a purchase and they see they have to add a bunch of extra fees to the final price to go through the procedure. Take the example of the latest mobile apps of Wish and Joom that have appeared lately on the market. They are two super cheap brands that address people who cannot afford too much money. They provide similar goods with the only difference that Joom does not include any shipping costs or other fees to its products. They have all of the extra fees in the initial price, but the save the buyer from the headache of calculating the final cost. Especially for those who sell affordable goods the difference in the price after you apply the fees may seem more significant.
  5. Reviews
    Reviews are the second most crucial thing in launching after advertising. Some apps help you get reviews faster. If it is possible and your product is just a newborn, start with your relatives and friends and ask them to leave an honest review. If they are not happy with the product don’t encourage them to lie. Simply ask them why they are not satisfied and try to fix it as soon as possible. Do not move on with fake reviews, because other customers will leave their true comments on your product, creating a mess. If you are a seller on big platforms like Amazon, pay extra attention because reviews from people that you are connected with in the social media, can be detected and they are likely to punish your account.


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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Advisory - Top 5 Tips On How To Deliver The Perfect Product
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