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Most Powerful Economies In Africa

Facing investment as a safe playground where people can grow their fortune is an optimistic way to see life. The developed countries of the world are familiar to investors, and capital has taken advantage of most of the investing opportunities. The developing countries, on the other hand, have a variety of industries that are waiting for you to grow a business. Africa is an unexplored treasure. And for many years, the strong people of the world are treating it as an underdog. The coronavirus has turned upside down, and people are now more than ever turning to alternative resources of income.

In this article, we will have a look at the countries with the most robust economy in the economy, attempting to see where you can find your place in Africa.

African countries by Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

RankCountryGDP (in billion U.S. dollars)GDP Per Capita in USD2019 Population
1Nigeria496.12 Bn2347211400708
2South Africa386.73 Bn644160041994
3Egypt331.36 Bn3178104258327
4Algeria193.06 Bn432744616624
5Morocco129.06 Bn345637344795
6Kenya109.12 Bn198454985698
7Ethiopia99.37 Bn843117876227
8Angola96.43 Bn284233933610
9Ghana72.26 Bn227731732129
10Tanzania64.89 Bn105561498437
11Dr Congo52.48 Bn56892377993
12Libya50.42 Bn72466958532
13Ivory Coast49.88 Bn184427053629
14Cameroon42.05 Bn154427224265
15Tunisia35.15 Bn294511935766
16Uganda33.62 Bn71347123531
17Senegal28.06 Bn163217196301
18Zimbabwe25.81 Bn171015092171
19Zambia25.27 Bn133618920651
20Botswana20.87 Bn87072397241
21Mali19.33 Bn92720855735
22Gabon17.89 Bn78522278825
23Mozambique16.29 Bn50732163047
24Burkina Faso16.27 Bn75721497096
25Mauritius15.76 Bn123741273433
26Namibia14.63 Bn56532587344
27Guinea13.60 Bn100813497244
28Madagascar13.54 Bn47628427328
29Chad12.55 Bn74216914985
30Equatorial Guinea12.26 Bn84581449896
31Benin12.13 Bn97412451040
32Republic Of The Congo11.37 Bn20095657013
33Rwanda11.06 Bn83313276513
34Niger10.63 Bn42325130817
35Somalia8.34 Bn51016359504
36Eritrea8.12 Bn22543601467
37Malawi7.86 Bn40019647684
38Togo6.13 Bn7238478250
39Mauritania5.70 Bn11934775119
40Eswatini4.81 Bn41051172362
41Sierra Leone4.22 Bn5188141343
42Burundi3.71 Bn30312255433
43Liberia3.22 Bn6215180203
44Lesotho2.89 Bn13392159079
45South Sudan2.80 Bn24611381378
46Djibouti2.60 Bn25931002187
47Central African Republic2.48 Bn5054919981
48Cape Verde2.21 Bn3930561898
49Gambia1.87 Bn7522486945
50Seychelles1.74 Bn1758298908
51Guinea Bissau1.67 Bn8282015494
52Comoros773.00 Mn870888451
53Sao Tome And Principe527.00 Mn2359223368

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Stats Gate - Most Powerful Economies In Africa
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