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Top 10 Criteria People Use To Choose A Career

Many people are often absorbed with the question of whether they picked the right career for them. The criteria vary and it is not only financial issues that lead people to certain decisions. There are about ten parameters that people examine when they are about to pick a career here are presented all.

  1. They are encouraged by family
    Unfortunately, for most of us family plays a crucial role that sometimes minimizes our freedom. People chose their career at the end of high school when they are about 18 years old. It is expected that the opinion of the close relatives will determine up to a point their future.
  2. The work environment
    There are nature seekers or people who want to work with their bodies. They don’t want to get stuck on a chair and not move all day. Perhaps they like the sea or horses. These people are more likely to turn their hobby into a job to ensure they will have a good time while working.
  3. Creativity
    Of course, there are the creators. It is usually artists of all kinds. For them, the most important thing is to express themselves and they don’t see work as a way to pay the bills. It is expected that they may not even care about the financial part of the job as long as they get the feeling they are in touch with their inner selves.
  4. Freedom
    Freedom is a whole concept and for many people. Those people would rather work without deadlines and perhaps remote work is better for them. They may work as freelancers to have the luxury to deliver a project and not being forced to work on a particular schedule. Professions like skydivers are also related to people who need a sense of freedom in their daily life.
  5. Security or risk
    Another great dilemma is whether you wanna play safe or you prefer to risk in your life. Both approaches cover hidden needs that one may have. Thankfully, there are many options for everyone. Risky and ambitious personalities can turn to investments and conservative people can choose to be employees and work for others.
  6. Access to money or status
    Usually, people who have money as their priority, also care about status. The reputation gives the person a whole idea about themselves. What you can’t find from within, you have to search for it in outer sources. The majority of people prioritize high salaries and fame as the most crucial parameters for choosing a career.
  7. Following their skills
    Everyone wants to be good at what they’re doing. So being good at your job should play a vital role in your life. If you have a hard time finding the job that suits you best, you can always count on where you are good at. Is it mathematics? Is it art? Perhaps these are the criteria that made you decide where you should focus.
  8. Providing to society
    Others pick their future job while they are willing to offer to society. Researchers, for example, are hard workers and they never expect to become millionaires. However, the fact that they provide their service to the good of humanity is encouraging and gives them motivation. Some doctors may also belong in this category. They are probably the ones you will find working in an isolated village in Africa.
  9. Leading roles
    In many cases, the choice of the profession comes as people picture themselves in particular roles. If someone is eager to be the boss, he is more probable to build his own business or chose professions like captain or manager. We shouldn’t confuse those with the ones that like to be risky. In this case, it is more a matter of how you like to be involved with other people.
  10. How demanding it is
    Some people are ambitious and some people are focused more on their family and personal development. It is often that people are lazy at their jobs. Those people do not necessarily want to get promoted or become an executive in a large company. They just want to spend 8 hours of the day 5 times the week to complete a simple task and get paid accordingly. It is respected that everyone has a different mindset and priorities and makes choices based on their personality.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Advisory - Top 10 Criteria People Use To Choose A Career
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