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These Are The Top 100 Banks The United States For 2021

The pandemic forced the former president of the United States Donald Trump to print dollars putting the market’s trust into question. However, many were those who applauded this gesture. The elections for the presidency in the United States and the debate between Trump and the present President of the United States have only come to add tension over the stressful period. At the same time banks try to find some balance on the ground and find their way in this challenging era. It is interesting that around 5% of the American banks are not profitable after Covid-19 appeared on the landscape, while more than 50% saw their profits increase during 2020. Check out the top 100 American banks in terms of growth, credit quality, and profitability.

These Are The Top 100 Banks The United States For 2021.

RankBankTotal AssetsReturn on Tangible Common EquityNon-Performing Assets/Total AssetsCommon Equity Tier 1 RatioEfficiency RatioOperating Revenue Growth
1CVB Financial$14 B0.150.00130.150.39-0.07
2Prosperity Bancshares$33 B0.190.00210.130.460.54
3Glacier Bank$18 B0.160.00330.120.510.21
4Central Bancompany$17 B0.130.00310.180.550.17
5Home BancShares$17 B0.140.00470.130.430.04
6Independent Bank Group$17 B0.160.00170.10.50.11
7Community Bank System$14 B0.150.00240.180.60.03
8Bank of New York Mellon$428 B0.230.00030.130.660.07
9SVB Financial Group$97 B0.170.00120.120.520.11
10WSFS Bank$14 B0.090.00320.130.560.19
11Bank OZK$27 B0.080.00270.130.42-0.03
12WesBanco$17 B0.080.00240.130.580.17
13First Interstate Bank$17 B0.140.00310.120.570.05
14Western Alliance Bancorp.$33 B0.160.00540.10.40.12
15First Merchants$14 B0.130.00470.120.510.12
16TowneBank$15 B0.120.00290.120.660.14
17Hilltop Holdings$17 B0.210.00630.20.70.24
18Atlantic Union Bankshares$26 B0.130.00640.130.540.28
19Cathay General Bancorp$19 B0.120.00580.130.47-0.03
20Columbia Bank$16 B0.110.00320.130.56-0.01
21United Community Banks$17 B0.120.00490.120.550.09
22First Financial Bank$16 B0.140.00520.120.570.01
23Banner Bank (including AltaPacific Bank)$15 B0.10.00250.110.620.04
24Northern Trust$152 B0.140.00090.130.690.02
25State Street$272 B0.20.120.730.01
26Washington Federal$19 B0.10.00370.130.580.02
27Axos Financial$13 B0.190.01330.110.450.2
28Ameris Bancorp$20 B0.170.01190.10.550.65
29Simmons Bank$21 B0.160.00840.130.580.19
30International Bancshares$14 B0.090.00590.190.55-0.07
31BancorpSouth$24 B0.140.00530.110.630.13
32Pinnacle Financial Partners$34 B0.120.00260.10.490.06
33East West Bancorp$50 B0.130.00720.130.45-0.02
34Pacific Premier Bancorp$20 B0.040.00140.120.60.18
35Independent Bank (MA)$13 B0.120.00870.120.530.03
36Atlantic Union Bank$20 B0.110.00330.10.560.05
37Bank of Hawaii$20 B0.130.00380.120.54
38Commerce Bank$31 B0.110.00360.130.59-0.02
39Flagstar Bancorp$29 B0.260.00440.090.60.64
40Cullen/Frost Bankers$40 B0.110.00230.130.59-0.01
41Signature Bank$64 B0.10.00370.10.390.13
42First National Of Nebraska$24 B0.10.00730.130.58
43Mechanics Bank$19 B0.080.00370.130.620.98
44Capital One$422 B0.030.00580.130.54
45Sandy Spring Bancorp$13 B0.090.00580.10.560.26
46First Republic Bank$133 B0.110.00130.10.60.13
47First Hawaiian Bank$22 B0.110.00210.120.52-0.07
48Truist Financial$499 B0.130.00440.10.640.71
49South State$38 B0.050.00340.110.680.45
50New York Community Bancorp$55 B0.10.00130.10.460.05
51JPMorgan Chase$3,246 B0.130.00520.130.580.04
52Heartland Financial USA$16 B0.130.00520.110.60.03
53Renasant Bank$15 B0.090.00480.110.680.07
54Investors Bancorp$27 B0.080.00540.130.530.09
55Trustmark$16 B0.110.00440.110.670.11
56Umpqua Holdings$29 B-0.070.00120.120.590.06
57First Horizon$83 B0.210.00810.090.530.59
58PNC Financial Services$462 B0.190.00740.120.61-0.03
59UMB Financial$30 B0.080.00330.120.680.07
60Popular$66 B0.10.03180.160.58-0.04
61Eastern Bank$15 B0.080.00480.130.71-0.01
62First Citizens Bank$49 B0.140.00780.10.690.03
63First BanCorp$19 B0.040.03740.170.580.01
64Northwest Bank$14 B0.070.00890.130.660.14
65Citigroup$2,234 B0.080.00390.120.590.04
66Valley Natl Bancorp$41 B0.120.00690.10.520.13
67Cadence Bancorp$18 B0.010.0120.120.470.07
68PacWest Bancorp$28 B-0.030.00480.10.49-0.03
69BOK Financial$46 B0.110.00690.120.580.06
70Hope Bancorp$17 B0.080.00640.110.55-0.04
71Old National Bank$22 B0.120.00670.120.64-0.01
72Customers Bancorp$19 B0.120.00390.070.570.32
73People's United Bank$61 B0.120.00730.10.590.14
74Bank of America$2,738 B0.110.00360.120.65-0.05
75Sterling Bancorp$31 B0.10.00750.110.46-0.07
76Synovus Financial$53 B0.10.00610.090.570.06
77TFS Financial$15 B0.050.01030.20.640.03
78M&T Bank$139 B0.130.01070.10.55-0.04
79F.N.B.$38 B0.130.00630.10.58
80Provident Financial Svcs$13 B0.080.00680.110.580.01
81Fifth Third Bank$202 B0.10.00860.10.580.01
82Bankunited$35 B0.070.00590.120.51-0.13
83TCF Financial$48 B0.070.00970.110.730.53
84US Bancorp$540 B0.130.00690.090.58-0.01
85Wintrust Financial$44 B0.090.00480.090.640.13
86Associated Banc-Corp$35 B0.130.0080.10.620.04
87Berkshire Hills Bancorp$13 B-0.070.00510.130.67-0.1
88Huntington Bank$120 B0.090.01040.10.560.02
89Webster Financial$33 B0.10.00890.110.6-0.05
90Comerica$84 B0.080.00440.10.6-0.13
91Hancock Whitney$33 B-0.020.00560.10.610.03
92Zions Bancorp$78 B0.070.0070.10.64-0.03
93Regions Financial$145 B0.070.0080.090.580.02
94KeyCorp$171 B0.090.00680.090.60.02
95First Midwest Bancorp$21 B0.080.00760.10.64-0.03
96Fulton Bank$26 B0.10.00790.10.65
97Citizens Bank (Rhode IsIand)$180 B0.070.01060.10.60.06
98Wells Fargo$1,922 B0.010.00830.110.79-0.13
99Texas Capital Bancshares$38 B0.030.00420.090.66-0.04
100CIT Group$61 B-0.040.01150.10.740.01

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Stats Gate - These Are The Top 100 Banks The United States For 2021
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