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Why Pets Are Important To Us

Being a pet owner was not always normal. Animals in the past had a whole different role in humans’ life. Families would keep animals in their backyard for a reason. Cows and goats were to provide us milk, meat, and clothing. Cats would be around so that they would ”clean” the house from mice and insects. Dogs were our friends as long as they protected our property and other living animals.

Horses were used for transportation. No one would consider having a bird in a cage just to listen to its marvelous singing. In a few words, animals existed in our world so that we could take advantage of them. If we move even further in the past we will see how our society turned wild animals into pets. Wolves were the wild ancestors of calm dogs and cats were just wild cats.

To make them friends and eliminate their threat on the members of our group we gave them some part of our hunt and this is how we built bonds of trust. The importance that animals have on us today may be greater than ever before. There are so many parameters that after reading this article you may consider adopting one. So let’s see in detail why they are so valuable.

  1. They make us feel needed
    Pets are in constant need of our care. They expect us to feed them and take care of them. This is probably why they are so happy when they see us. Dogs are the best actors. You have all watched videos of how they react to punishment or how they behave when their owners are out of the house. They are so human-like that it is easy for them to show us how much they love us. They have a sincere way to communicate and make us become softer.
  2. They are always positive
    When we have some spare time most of us turn to our cell phones and become totally antisocial. Pets are a great company to play with. Unlike most people, they are always in a good mood and open to interaction. Even cats that are more independent will have moments that they will happily accompany you, and these moments because of the fact that they are rarer, will also be more valuable.
  3. They connect us to nature
    Animals are a part of nature, to begin with. For those who live in apartments, pets are a great opportunity to go for a walk, feel the cold weather and rain once in a while. Being closed into our apartments totally disconnects us from the natural environment. In addition, not a few are the times where we will decide to go for a walk at the park on a sunny day just to let them play. Given the chance, we end up spending a fun day too completely stress-free.
  4. They teach us stuff
    Have you ever heard of the expression ”Try to be who your dog thinks you are?” Well, pets and nature, in general, are a big school for us who live in modern society. The way they act is an example to show us how we should treat others. Their high emotional intelligence teaches us empathy and how to feel for others. The fact that they pass away at some point helps us come to terms with the grieving process. Their warmth and spontaneity set the example for the pillar of social skills which is being open. Generally, their presence is a star showing the way on how we should be without even trying
  5. They support us and they connect us
    Pets and especially dogs have a deep understanding of our psychological condition and they act accordingly. They are an amazing treatment for troubled minds. You may face a challenging issue at work that you carry at home. Your dog will sense the vibe and approach you for support. They also act as the glue of a company keeping the pieces together. They are a stable point of reference and a team member that has equal relationships with all the other members. Even horses have been scientifically proven to help humans. Therapeutic horse-riding is recommended to kids with autism as a way to expand their social abilities.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Lifestyle and Travel - Why Pets Are Important To Us
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