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Top Most Respected Jobs In The World

We seek to develop our businesses and obtain more fortune. Money is a sign of prestige and people often chase money to get the respect they want from society. At the same time, other parameters determine how accepted you can be from others. After all, it is the recognition we are after and not money itself. It is interesting but research trying to evaluate people’s needs showed that most of us would pick recognition and fame over the possibility to be completely independent financially. Even though people’s most spontaneous response about what they would like to have if a magician was present to fulfill their wish, is money or love, giving them time to consider the issue furtherly made them turn to concepts such as fame and prestige. However, you will be surprised with the answers people give about which they consider being the most respected jobs. Most professions that seemed to be in favor of people’s minds were the ones that were associated with the contribution of a person to society rather than their personal success.

  1. Doctors and nurses
    Health is the most crucial matter in our lives. Whatever is associated with this sector carries a great deal of importance. This is actually a reason why the health industry is so profitable and safe. Jobs that have to do with health are always in fashion since this is something that bothers people’s minds. The doctor seems to be the number one job to increase your prestige. It is interesting though, that people include nurses not only in the list of jobs that are essential for society but that are also respected.
  2. Lawyers
    Lawyers may not address such vital issues, such as health but are traditionally considered to be quite prestigious. They are people who are involved with the law and they can get you out of difficult situations when you are in trouble. Their job is not easy and being good at it requires an amount of effort and study that can be a challenge. The effect they can have on people’s lives is probably what makes them still necessary for society. While being a judge requires more studies and knowledge of the law, lawyers are the ones that pop out in our heads when we think about prestige.
  3. Policemen and firemen
    Security is another hot issue nowadays. With criminality rising due to poverty policemen are essential. In cases of emergency when someone might be trapped or inside a building on fire, a fireman is literally the person who can save you. Realizing that society keeps firemen in a special place inside their hearts. Both professions are brave and the fact that some of us risk their lives to give back to social security and safety is valuable.
  4. Professors and teachers
    Being a professor at the university is not easy. It means that you have collected several degrees and you are a very educated person. The elite is probably going to end up doing a profession like that. Teachers though are the ones who we leave our kids with. They spend more than a quarter of their day being with them. In the meanwhile, working with kids can be exhausting and teachers honestly give a lot of energy to educate future citizens. Because of their offer to the society they are equally respected as university professors.
  5. Scientists and researchers
    Science is the last field that people care about so much. We have seen what technological achievements have brought to our civilization and we are more than happy to welcome scientists and researchers to our world. Again long studies are required and this adds more status to them. Not to bring into consideration the famous scientists that have made discoveries that changed the world. Do you want to give it a try and think how different our daily lives would be without the valuable contribution of science? The ”brains” give answers to things like how we can live life in a comfortable way as well as how our species will survive future challenges. Sciency is still more important than art or other vital sectors in people’s priorities and that is what adds reputation to scientists.

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