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Sarah Cordiner
C-Suite Agenda

Do You Get Triggered in Business?

There I was, scrolling through Facebook when I came across a post about whether or not the term ‘boss mum‘ was appropriate or acceptable to mothers who run their own businesses with staff.  It was a simple question that you might expect would have ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers depending on...
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Strategic Leadership for 2023

2023 has almost arrived, and the rolling evidence of a recession arrived with it. Economic downturn demands resilience from business leaders. They are on a critical mission to survive the recession and thrive afterward. Recession brings diverse terms to diverse groups of businesses. There is a group of businesses that...
Payal Nanjiani
CEO Insider

Why every CEO must achieve self-mastery

As I write this article flying 35000 feet above the ground, completing a leadership keynote for a CEO conference event in India, I recollect one of the common elements I've found most executives lack. And that element is self-mastery. My work is all about coaching high-profile CEOs and leaders. I...
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