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The Power of Mindful Communication

Communication is a key tool in driving innovative, creative, and agile organizations. But what many do not truly understand is that this agility is based on trust relationships between people. Producing a healthy, harmonious, and successful company is achieved through the ability to produce constructive and authentic communication. In mindful...
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LEADING WITHOUT FRONTIERS: How to fearlessly navigate invisible horizons?

Creativity is the most distinguishable quality for every leader in every domain. Creative leaders display distinctly different behaviors, values, and characteristics from traditional management, and they get exponential results, inspire creativity in others, build productive teams, and drive successful businesses. They embrace originality and make unique connections between disparate universes...
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How Legal Factors Affect Businesses

Going ahead with a business venture is a great career choice. But getting a business up and running and maintaining it smoothly needs more than just efficiency and management skills. There are multiple external factors than can either help the business grow or ruin it eventually. One such prominent factor...
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