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5 parameters that change us through time

How does time impact our personality? Many changes positive or negative can occur within a person’s life and shape their character, their habits, and the level of happiness they experience throughout the day. Here, we talk about the five things that affect us the most in today’s world.

  1. Age
    As we grow older a plethora of characteristics change. An important thing one could say is the things we consider to be important, in other words, our values. For example, if you ask a kid of a younger age if family or friends are more important it is more likely they will answer friends. However, as people grow up and make their own families they prioritize their family and put it over social relationships.

    Perhaps being a parent makes us more responsible, in any case, there is a variety that follows the same trend such as beauty over wisdom and other crucial aspects. Besides, getting older makes you appreciate the important things, such as life and health more. It is probable that you have experienced the death of people close to you and dedicated some thought to the matter of existence in an attempt to come to terms with the concept of death.

  2. Environment
    By saying environment we mean the people that surround us. It is those we have daily contact with. The things they say to us, the views they share, their opinion about the world is for sure a decisive parameter that will shape our character. As a child, you are a member of a family. As an adult again being surrounded by your family, but this time with different people.

    One who used to be a kid is now the parent. The people you have around and the roles you are expected to play in the group makes a difference. Taking into consideration that we usually hang out with people of similar age, you realize that the people who surround us are also different as time goes by. Also, as a part of our development growing old leads us to be more selective and be more with people who are like us.

  3. Challenges
    The challenges we are called to face play a vital role in shaping our personalities. Things that a few years ago may seem hard to deal with becoming easy as time goes by. Challenges in the work environment are a great source to build our confidence. Most of us break up with partners or get divorced and learn how to overcome emotions of sadness and loneliness.

    Most of the time challenges can act positively; remember the famous saying ”Whatever doesn’t break you, makes you stronger.” In some cases, though difficult situations can leave marks in our souls. Parents getting separated or stressful conditions at college may be things that we will carry along the way for the rest of our lives. The human soul is built to carry a particular amount of burden and whatever exceeds a certain limit may require years of therapy to be resolved.

  4. Technology traveling distances
    The massive evolution in the field of technology creates a domino of changes in our lives and therefore ourselves. Some scientists claim that people already experience difficulties coming up with the new world. The pace technology develops is hard to follow causing anxiety to some of our fellow citizens. The way business is being done today is completely different compared to the landscape a few years ago. As time goes by this evolution takes place faster.

    At the same time, these true changes have a real impact on us. Traveling, for example, helped people all over the world meet with different cultures and open their minds. The Internet also allowed us to have constant access to learning. If you list all the effects technology has on us you will be surprised at how different our ancestors used to be.

  5. Society
    In this world we do not come alone; we are a part of a social group. From the day we are born until the end we belong to communities. As we grow old society changes with us. Social relationships are completely different. It is not many years ago that women were not expected to work and divorce would never be an option.

    The constant and growing evolution of technology has led to tremendous changes in social relationships also. Social media allow people to express their profile in public and everyone can have a few minutes to share their interests with the rest of the world. All this has a huge effect on how people interact with each other and how they turn out to be as humans in the end. In a few years who know what may come next? One thing is for sure, society will be different and so will we.

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