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5 Amazing Messaging Apps for College Students

Communication is the binding force in society. Of course, the modes of communication have dramatically changed over the past few decades yet the essence remains the same—to stay in touch. This becomes, especially, imperative when we join college life and are bombarded with a range of communication you cannot afford to miss out on. This is why messaging apps have become nearly indispensable to easy and quick communication.

Knowing that there are so many of these messaging apps available, you might wonder which of them serves the purpose better than the most. In this article, I will offer an insight into the most viable options for communication among college students. Each of the apps mentioned in the list comes with many common as well as distinct features, and it is up to you which one should suit your requirements.

Without further ado, here are 5 messaging apps for college students.

  1. Facebook Messenger
    It should not surprise anyone that Facebook Messenger is on the list. It is one of the most downloaded messaging apps in the world. By connecting you to all your connections on your Facebook account, you can engage in interactive messaging services. It comes with an easy-to-understand interface loaded with a variety of creative features to add substance to the communication. Its many features include stickers, video calling, group calling, and even games you can play with your friends. It is a compact option for those whose life revolves pretty much in and around Facebook.
  2. Google Hangouts
    Google’s very own messaging service called Hangouts is quite commonly used, considering the fact that its Gmail service is arguably the most popular e-mail service. Hangouts connects you to your connections on Gmail very easily, has a very simple interface, offers quality video calls and convenience. Yes, while it does not look as appealing as the others mentioned in the list, it certainly compensates by adding very easily understandable features. It is most commonly used for professional communication but you can use it for whatsoever purpose.
  3. Discord
    Discord is relatively new and maybe slightly challenging to understand in the beginning. But, if there is any platform that has exceptionally high standards of interactivity, then it has to be Discord. While the idea was to attract gamers, its utility has expanded to academic purposes as well. You have the liberty to communicate with anyone so long as they are added to the discord server and share your interests. Watch videos with them, do group studies, hold discussions, and whatnot. There is so much this platform has to offer. It doesn’t matter what your interests are; you will certainly find people of your kind here on the platform. The only caution, as I have stated before, is that it could be slightly challenging for some to understand.
  4. Slack
    Organization is elemental to college life. Throughout college life, you will have to undertake a number of project works. This means you will have to constantly maintain contact with your teammates, share ideas and files, and undertake discussions from time to time. Slack, unlike its name, does not let you slack off. Its aim is to offer you an interactive environment where you can complete group tasks. There are an array of features that help you achieve your goals such as setting up rooms, establishing private chats, pinning up messages, subscribing to RSS feeds, placing reminders, and sharing channels. Despite the many features it offers, it is a simple app and streamlines much of the process.
  5. WhatsApp
    Well, the list would not have been complete without the mention of the phenomenal WhatsApp. It has recently been embroiled in a controversy regarding the change of its privacy policy but we shall not talk about it in this article. Our concern is whether it works well for college students and their needs. The answer is, yes. It is the largest messaging platform in the whole wide world, connecting more than a billion users from as many as 180 countries. Its interface is sleek, interactive, and multifunctional. You can engage in group calls, share documents, make payments, archive messages, create business accounts, and whatnot.

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