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EuroAPI Unveils Turnaround Plan Under New CEO Ludwig de Mot

EuroAPI, a Sanofi spinoff, is embarking on a transformative journey under the leadership of its newly appointed CEO, Ludwig de Mot, who is tasked with executing a comprehensive turnaround strategy named FOCUS-27. De Mot, an industry veteran renowned for his expertise in guiding companies through transformational phases, assumes his role on Friday after joining EuroAPI in January as the Chief Transformation Officer.

The restructuring initiative comes in response to EuroAPI’s recent financial performance. While the company achieved net sales growth of nearly 4%, its losses have escalated significantly. The FOCUS-27 plan entails several strategic measures aimed at revitalizing EuroAPI’s operations.

In pursuit of operational efficiency, EuroAPI anticipates potential layoffs across all functions, including industrial operations, quality assurance, research and development, and support functions. Moreover, the company plans to optimize its industrial footprint, with proposed actions affecting its Frankfurt site and the potential mothballing of two other workshops. These strategic moves aim to enhance capacity utilization, targeting an average rate of 80% to 85%.

Furthermore, EuroAPI is evaluating the divestiture of its sites in Haverhill, England, and Brindisi, Italy, aligning with its focus on higher-value active pharmaceutical ingredients.

EuroAPI’s commitment to executing this comprehensive turnaround plan underscores its determination to regain financial stability and position itself for sustainable growth in the evolving pharmaceutical landscape under de Mot’s leadership.


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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Executive Insider - EuroAPI Unveils Turnaround Plan Under New CEO Ludwig de Mot
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