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Here’s Why A Communication Platform And An LMS Is A Match Made In Heaven

Communication platforms are a great addition to the learning management systems. The features that every communication platform has to offer are a lot more than what an LMS can.

With the help of communication platforms, you can easily indulge in real-time conversations with your learners. Communication is often a challenge. These platforms help to tackle such challenges.

With these platforms, learners can text, set up a video chat, or even collaborate with the help of screen sharing and file-sharing features of communication platforms.

When you have courses and training sessions to initiate, communication platforms can come very handy. Many educators use an LMS to create and execute their courses to their audience. This is because of the many features that an LMS is equipped with.

For instance, Coassemble is a learning management system that is often recommended by many because of its characteristics. Coassemble features grade books, built-in authoring tools, and allows course providers to include certifications at the end of their courses.

For course instructors, communication platforms can play a vital role. These platforms allow them to connect with their learners and help them resolve the issues then and there, if any.

Here are a few reasons why communication platforms and a learning management system is a combination not to miss. 

  • Eliminate the need for frequently asked questions
    Gone are the times when there was a need to add a massive list of frequently asked questions to your courses. With the help of a communication platform, members of the group can easily access the conversations they have thanks to the archive feature.

    Moreover, there are a few communication platforms in the market that allows you to assign chatbots to answer a few commonly asked questions for you. These chatbots can often be a great way to divide the burden and take some stress away from the instructors by replying automatically to those who are asking common queries.

    When you have your students studying for hours and hours, these chats can often save them time for searching for answers to their queries. It helps them put your course in a positive light in front of their friends and peers.

  • Easy instructor-student engagement
    Communicating with your audience and users is a great way to keep them engaged with your course. Moreover, these platforms are also a great way for instructors and students to communicate instantly.

    With these platforms, course instructors can share files or even discuss the doubts of students over their mobile phones. This enables them to enhance student-instructor engagement.

    These platforms can also get a lot more fun for students than a learning management system at times. Hence, there are chances that your students prefer using communication platforms more than an LMS when it comes to doubts.

  • Perfect blend of formal and casual conversations
    With the help of communication platforms, conversations regarding the courses can take place over various categories and forms. These channels can be organized on the basis of topics or groups. You have the chance to set the group on private so that only a particular group of students can be part of it or you can turn it into a public mode.  Communication platforms also allow you to message directly one-to-one. These platforms also give students a chance to network and create their own channels to indulge in casual conversations about the course.  Also, most platforms often support fun message reactions including GIFs, emoticons, and more. It helps both learners and instructors to keep the conversation a little formal yet casual.


Many are under an impression that an LMS can work fine alone. However, adding a communication platform with an LMS can do wonders when it comes to engaging with the audience and keeping them hooked to your course.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Tech and Innovation - Here’s Why A Communication Platform And An LMS Is A Match Made In Heaven
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