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The Best Learning Management Systems for your Business

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A Learning Management System (LMS) is a software-based platform that aids in measuring, delivering, and managing a company’s set of online learning programs. The LMS is considered to be the foundation of an efficient learning strategy and the powerhouse of an effective learning technology solution.

In 2019, it is expected that about half of all university and college classes will employ e-learning. As such, there will be a higher demand for LMS to effectively execute and manage online learning, especially in various businesses worldwide.

Searching for the Best LMS For Your Business

In exploring the most appropriate LMS for your company, there are numerous aspects that you need to take into consideration. You should know how to determine these factors that will either affect the closing of your deals positively or negatively when selecting an ideal LMS. You should concentrate more on unique training strategies and requirements, as well as on training needs and objectives to be able to choose the right LMS for your business.

The key to choosing the right LMS is by determining which one has the most appropriate customization and branding features. Customization alternatives will lead to more appealing online learning projects for learners. Other alternatives that you need to check include dashboards, content delivery alternatives, role assignments, welcome or enrollment screens, multiple languages, online training certificates, and gamification elements.

Here is an overview of five of the best LMS systems that you can consider for your companies.

  1. Adobe Captivate Prime – This LMS system supports any type of file, which includes xAPI-compliant packages, Powerpoint presentations, documents, videos, and PDF files. The Fluidic Player enables efficient note-taking as online learners go through their resources. It also features a functional dashboard for informing online learners about pending and completed tasks aside from their performance. Adobe Captivate Prime is ideal for both online facilitators and learners since it provides complete flexibility in terms of their learning pace. The LMS functionality of this system organizes content into courses, modules, or even a complete curriculum.
  2. Docebo – Docebo is one of the best LMS systems endorsed by renowned companies like Sharp, Bloomberg, and Thomson Reuters. Docebo can be used along with other video conferencing tools like Skymeeting, Blue Jeans, Big Blue Button, and Adobe Connect. Its user-friendly interface enables effective management of content for course designers, specifically in terms of certification retraining and testing. Docebo’s Online Training Software can also be used for selling online courses.
  3. SAP Litmos – The design of the SAP Litmos LMS system ensures efficient global delivery of training in companies. In addition, it’s been developed through the features of mobile learning. This LMS system is regarded as a cost-effective strategy for the delivery of online training content, along with a unique track completion and evaluation progress. SAP Litmos enables various elements to be incorporated into the online coursework. Aside from embedding content formation tools to reinforce multiple formats, online training modules can be added, and surveys, quizzes, and online evaluations can be generated.
  4. LearnUpon – This LMS is easy and quick to use and it has tons of notable features and a stable reinforcement. The LearnUpon LMS is created to be device-friendly and scalable to allow dynamic engagement of online learners. LearnUpon offers a free trial for new users.
  5. iSpring Learn – This is an LMS system normally utilized for employee training as it has detailed statistics for the constant monitoring of employees’ progress.  It is user-friendly so that online training modules can be easily accessed even when offline. Through this system, you can utilize different LMS reports such as online training activities tracking, course enrollment, and course completion rates, while monitoring the progress of each learner.

These are some of the best LMS systems ideal for your business. Organization of company records, files, and performance monitoring of online learners become easier through these systems. There are a number of LMS platforms that makes choosing quite challenging. If used properly, the LMS can essentially facilitate in addressing the needs of online learners.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Advisory - The Best Learning Management Systems for your Business
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