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Top 10 Language Learning Apps For Senior Management Executives

Knowledge is power. So, if you want to broaden your horizons what better way than learning a foreign language. In this article you will find a list of ten language learning mobile apps. It’s easier than you can imagine!

  1. Memrise: Through this app you can practice vocabulary in almost every language you can imagine. For example, if you are keen on Japanese courses then you can have a try. Learners can find standardized courses based on popular textbooks or vocabulary lists. In- house linguistics teach the people interested, the language they speak themselves in everyday life. Also, the courses are accompanied with thousands of video clips of native speakers speaking in their native language, in their hometown. The two main characteristics of this learning app is that it is enjoyable and effective. More than 40 million people in almost 190 countries have tried Memrise in order to learn a new language.
  2. LinguaLift: Undoubtedly, it is a very good app but the thing that makes the difference is the guidance provided by a tutor. Any questions that the learners may have can be answered by tutors. This is an app for someone who truly wants to learn a second language. The first lesson is free and you have a 30 day money back guarantee.
  3. Duolingo: The app is without charge. However, Duolingo offers a premium service for a fee. The app offers 95 different language courses in 38 languages. The app has over 300 million registered users all over the world. Duolingo is not aimed only to English native speakers but also to those with different first languages.
  4. HelloTalk: Through this app learners can have conversations with native speakers using a whatsapp – like chat with voice and text messages. Users can correct each other’s messages with an in-built correction tool. Through this app learners are connected directly with native speakers.
  5. Mindsnacks: You can learn vocabulary and grammar for seven different foreign languages by playing games. The basic download is free but it contains only a restricted number of games. If you pay some money you can access more lessons and widen your game options. The learners that have already used the app said that it is very enjoyable.
  6. Busuu: The app is free and offers courses in 12 languages. People interested can learn Spanish, English, German, French, Italian and six other languages with the help of over 100 million international native speakers. The app is characterized as effective and one of the best ways for someone to learn a new language fast. If someone wants to unlock most of the features and course material has to pay a small amount per month.
  7. Babbel: Each class starts by teaching vocabulary with the aid of some pictures. The free version comes with 40 classes. Not to forget to mention that through this app are offered 13 languages. You can try interactive dialogues on real life topics or practice speaking and improve pronunciation with speech recognition technology.
  8. TripLingo: This app is mainly for travelers who want to refresh language skills before travelling to a specific destination. The main purpose is the users to speak and be understood so not to feel lost in a foreign environment. The app includes voice translator, phrasebook, wi-fi dialer, learning tools, safety tools, tip calculator, culture notes and travel tools. With the free version of the app you get access to about 15% of the resources.
  9. MosaLingua: Not all the resources of the app are available without paying. However, the free version has ample resources. Learners can choose through a variety of languages including French, Spanish and Italian. The learning method is based on principles of cognitive science and calculates a personalized study schedule using a Spaced Repetition System.
  10. HiNative: Learners can get answers from real native speakers of Spanish, French and other languages. The users can ask questions like: How do you say this in Spanish or What’s the difference between these two words? The app has a desktop version and it is free.

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