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Profile: The Charm Of Chanel – 5 Things You Should Know About This Beauty

Every great brand has a story behind it and Chanel is no different, almost everything that goes on behind its doors is somewhat of a fable. The rich history, the intricate procedure of designing, the long waiting list for dresses, and the unique feel of the fabric, everything is carefully planned to add to the user experience of the clientele (which is also quite selective and pampered).

In the present article, we will be going over 5 such interesting facts that add to the allure of Chanel. Read on to discover more about one of the biggest icons in the world of fashion.

  1. Adding comfort to style
    Fashion is famously caricatured as something opulent, over the top, and completely impractical to wear. But Chanel was the first one to prove this image wrong by keeping its merchandise fashionable and comfortable to wear. Bringing embroidery and crepe into the mainstream is only one of its many achievements.

    Before Chanel, the height of women’s fashion was the corset which was neither comfortable to sit still in nor offered any freedom of movement. Leaving behind the impracticality of vintage fashion, Chanel introduced the now iconic, tailored suit jacket for women. It became an instant hit and gained a large number of loyal followers for the brand.

  2. Creating a lineage of fashion
    Chanel is the oldest fashion brand that continues to stay in haute couture to date. Couture was one of the most dedicated segments of the brand with an entire floor dedicated solely to keeping it fresh and growing. This was important for Chanel as it did not want to abandon its original idea of keeping fashion comfortable and practical.

    Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel

    Coco Chanel developed almost all her collection sitting in her office at 31 rue Cambon, the legendary address that continues to keep the tradition alive. The top floor of the building is a dedicated section of couture. The designers at Chanel continue to dole out collections that embody the vision of their founder.

  3. There ain’t no rest for the perfectionist
    Most fashion houses try keeping themselves ahead of their schedule but not Chanel. The designers at the brand keep making adjustments right up till the last minute before its debut. The reason behind this constant revision is their great emphasis on perfect fitting. Movement and comfort are the two most important things that Chanel strives to achieve.

    At Chanel, a dress would be considered incomplete if final adjustments are not performed on the in-house models before its on-stage debut. And it is precisely for this reason that its models are one of the busiest ones in the industry! It is only after the final adjustments are made, right before the show, that the dresses are accessorized.

  4. You can get your own mannequin
    Such is the exclusiveness of the brand that it receives its clientele only via a list of bookings. You have to make a reservation by your name after a collection debut to set up your fitting session supervised by the head seamstress. If you are making a reservation for a wedding ceremony, you get the opportunity to make up to five fittings per session.

    Chanel fashion house

    If you are a frequent shopper at the brand’s house then they honor you by making your own wooden mannequin. Needless to say, it is set up to your precise measurements and can be fitted in advance, leaving you only to walk in and pick the dress up at any appointed time.

  5. From a hundred to a thousand
    It is aptly said that perfection cannot be rushed, Chanel is the embodiment of this adage. At their house, it takes around 100 hours to create a suit. Create, not design. Every step involved in the process is impeccably planned and executed, there is no margin for error.

And this painstakingly planned procedure is stepped up even further when it comes to designing a wedding dress. It can take anywhere between 900 to 1000 hours to finish a dress. One reason for this expansive amount of information is that the entire process is done by hand, the involvement of machines is kept to a bare minimum, this helps add to the exclusive feel of the brand.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Lifestyle and Travel - Profile: The Charm Of Chanel – 5 Things You Should Know About This Beauty
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