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Ultimate Luxurious Honeymoon Destinations for 2020

With coronavirus and USA elections going on people’s daily life is nowadays stressful and sometimes boring. While the world is waiting to see what is next to come, elite destinations are always open for their exclusive customers. No matter what is going on the globe one thing is for sure, love does not stop and marriages continue to take place all over the world. For the new couples, it is rather rare to go to places associated with sports, shopping, or culture. Most of the newlyweds prefer to choose places where they can be next to the beach or anywhere where they can be in touch with nature. Here we have a list of four exciting destinations to go for a honeymoon as a couple and enjoy love.

  1. The Maldives, the Republic of Maldives: A captivating island located in the Indian Ocean and famous for its white sand and the beaches at the bright turquoise color of toothpaste. Even though almost all classes have access to the island, Maldives still offer a special level of service for those whose pocket can afford. For example, the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Hotel’s is approximately $10,000 to spend the night and it offers luxurious suites underwater.

    Another memorable place in the paradise called the Maldives is Take Velaa Private Island at $23,000 per night, which is built on a private island. This price is if you rent the over 1,300 square-meter property, including a butler and a Michelin-starred chef. If you want to follow the choices of celebrities you can also pick Cheval Blanc Randheli where Prince William spent his vacation.

  2. Maui, Hawaii, United States: Hawaii together with Alaska are States that belong to the United States but are not geographically located along with the other 48 States. This means that the currency is US dollars and the islands of Hawaii are in the Pacific Ocean. Maui is the second-largest island of Hawaii and has gained a lot of recognition by the tourists over the years.

    Kaanapali is very touristic and gets crowded many periods of the year, so you may want to head to more peaceful destinations. There the costs, of course, rise. For the winter season prices on the island are about $ 3,000 to $ 5,000 per night for two guests. The Lahaina Yacht Club is also in Maui, but to get in you have to be a member or have an invitation. The best thing about Maui is the coral reefs that many scuba divers appreciate and travel miles every year to enjoy.

  3. Cape Town, the Republic of South Africa: South Africa is the most southern country of Africa and Cape Town is its capital. Due to its large distance from the equator, the place is not as warm as one would expect when they hear ‘Africa’.

    It is the most developed country in Africa and has some of the world’s best parks for safari, such as The Kruger National Park Aquila Private Game Reserve. Aquila is close to the city and began its journey in 1999. It is still an unaffordable experience for many, offering safari experience and luxurious accommodation, spa, and restaurants. There are also the Kids Club and the Salah Praying Room. Normal costs in South Africa to spend the night would be around $ 3000, leaving visitors with a sense of excitement. Interestingly, South Africa is a destination that many people seem to visit again. Groups that have traveled as a part of a touristic group often make friendships and reunite over the years to see their favorite destination again.

  4. Saint Barthelemy, France: This terrific island that used to be a Swedish colony is in the Caribbean Sea and it is now a collectivity of France and therefore is a part of the European Union. It was discovered by Christopher Columbus during his second travel and owes its name to Cristopher’s brother whose name was Barthelemy. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the island is almost impossible to visit unless you have a private yacht or helicopter.

    Saint Barthelemy

    The cost of a weekly stay in a villa is between $100,000 and $200,000, but of course, there are also more affordable options, which again do not address the majority of tourists. The privileged resorts that lay next to the beach give a more popular and human perspective on the island and the sense that comes from going out to the restaurants and bars imply that you are in France. The island has managed to keep away the paparazzi and this is why most celebrities prefer to have their holiday on this paradise on earth. As you may imagine with these prices, the island also keeps a high score on the real estate game and investment costs are beyond imagination.

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