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Top 5 Luxurious Activities Around the World for CEOs & Senior Executives

Whether you travel around the world or you are working in your hometown there are some things one has to enjoy in life. One thing is for sure, you don’t want to grow old never having experienced some of life’s best gifts. Thankfully, privileged experiences are quite possible to occur in any place nowadays. Some of the most exciting activities are listed here for both men and women to experience with the first chance.

  1. Helicopter Charter: If you had the chance to be a super-hero for a day what magic power would you choose to have? Well for many people the answer would be the ability to fly. Mankind has been jealous of this ability of birds long before they start experimenting with the wings of an airplane. In ancient Greece, mythology imposes a death penalty on Icarus who tried to fly with a waxwing close to the sun, which melt them and led to Icarus fall.

    Seeing the world from the sky in the comfort of a helicopter is a must-do if you seek to see it all. Again the best place to do so would be from close to the countryside, next to a magnificent landscape. For us, the best recommendation would be a place like the Sahara Desert, the Amazon River, or the Grand Canyon.

  2. Champagne: Champagne has always been associated with rich people’s social gatherings. It is usually consumed during formal occasions, to celebrate something or to even welcome the New Year. It seems that over the years people have started to pursue something more about that drink. In the United Kingdom, for example, they book private tours for champagne travels to those who decide to visit Bath Abbey. At the same time France, the birthplace of champagne a similar thing takes place.

    Champagne village is close to Paris in the countryside area and as you may imagine it is a basic producer of champagne. To enrich their good reputation people in the champagne business of the village sample their products to the elite visitors, getting a furtherly great amount of fame. In Barcelona, they even book private champagne cruises where they enjoy the sunset and some of the world’s greatest brands.

  3. Luxury Cars: Cars are usually a love that addresses men the same way diamonds make women vulnerable at their sight. Those who love them often owe a car of their preference but many times they just want to have the experience of driving other brands’ cars as well. Ferrari and Lamborghini are rather preferred by high-class drivers.

    Luxury Car

    There is the option of renting it and going on a trip or a simple ride on your own and there is also the option of taking in to drive Formula 1 track. If you use it in Europe a nice destination would be the French Riviera, where you can drive alongside the coast and view the amazing coastline.

  4. Hot air balloons: Ballooning has been on the map of entertainment for quite a long time now. Surprisingly its big scale rise as a luxurious activity has started in Cappadocia of Turkey, which is not a very hot destination, even though it offers a spectacular view of the place from the balloon. At this moment tourists seem to have this opportunity in many places around the globe including cities and natural beauty landscapes. All big cities across the USA and Europe provide this option for those who want to have a quick and concise view of the whole city. On the other hand, the city experience cannot be compared to the tender views of international parks and forests as well as safari parks, such as Masai Mara.
    Hot air balloons Cappadocia Turkey
  5. Luxury Yacht Charter: Water is the source of all life and is recognized as one of the four basic elements on the planet together with fire, air, and earth. Being close to the water and the sea gives this sense of freedom which is incomparable. Additionally, cruising and sailing on private yachts is an extremely relaxing choice. Usually, the trips are offered for a weekly book, including the stuff that will provide excellent service.

    The cruises are common ‘all-inclusive’, which means that you will have the opportunity to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the boat. Water sports come together with the price and since you are on a private boat you will probably have the chance to do them on the beach you prefer, whether it is at popular islands or in very isolated waters. Price honestly varies depending on what you are looking for and can go extremely high, but in some places, you can even find these cruises for prices such as $ 20,000. No matter the place you decide to visit with the boat, no matter whether it is yours or rented there is absolutely no way you will regret this.

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