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The World’s 100 Best-Performing Companies, 2020

Apple Inc

With a market value of US$242 billion, Industrial & Commercial Bank of China has been recognized as the best performing company in the world for 2020, according to CEOWORLD magazine, while China Construction Bank (US$203 billion)and JPMorgan Chase (US$291 billion) placed second and third, respectively.

Some of the most recognizable companies in the world, Berkshire Hathaway ($455 billion), Agricultural Bank of China ($147 billion), Saudi Arabian Oil Company Saudi Aramco (US$1.684 trillion), Ping An Insurance Group ($187 billion), Bank of America ($208 billion), Apple (US$1.285 trillion), and Bank of China ($112 billion) followed closely behind, rounding out the top ten.

The World's 100 Best Companies, 2020

Market Value
1ICBCChina$45.3 B$4,322.5 B$242.3 B
2China Construction BankChina$38.9 B$3,822 B$203.8 B
3JPMorgan ChaseUnited States$30 B$3,139.4 B$291.7 B
4Berkshire HathawayUnited States$81.4 B$817.7 B$455.4 B
5Agricultural Bank of ChinaChina$30.9 B$3,697.5 B$147.2 B
5Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco)Saudi Arabia$88.2 B$398.3 B$1,684.8 B
7Ping An Insurance GroupChina$18.8 B$1,218.6 B$187.2 B
8Bank of AmericaUnited States$24.1 B$2,620 B$208.6 B
9AppleUnited States$57.2 B$320.4 B$1,285.5 B
10Bank of ChinaChina$27.2 B$3,387 B$112.8 B
11AT&TUnited States$14.4 B$545.4 B$218.6 B
11Toyota MotorJapan$22.7 B$495.1 B$173.3 B
13AlphabetUnited States$34.5 B$273.4 B$919.3 B
13ExxonMobilUnited States$14.3 B$362.6 B$196.6 B
13MicrosoftUnited States$46.3 B$285.4 B$1,359 B
16Samsung ElectronicsSouth Korea$18.4 B$304.9 B$278.7 B
17Wells FargoUnited States$14.3 B$1,981.3 B$118.8 B
18CitigroupUnited States$17.1 B$2,219.8 B$101.1 B
19WalmartUnited States$14.9 B$236.5 B$344.4 B
20Verizon CommunicationsUnited States$18.4 B$294.5 B$237.7 B
21Royal Dutch ShellNetherlands$9.9 B$394 B$126.5 B
22AmazonUnited States$10.6 B$221.2 B$1,233.4 B
23Volkswagen GroupGermany$12 B$538.9 B$70.4 B
24UnitedHealth GroupUnited States$13.8 B$189.1 B$277.1 B
25AllianzGermany$8.9 B$1,183.5 B$77.1 B
26China Merchants BankChina$13.7 B$1,094.9 B$120.9 B
27ComcastUnited States$11.7 B$262.4 B$171.7 B
28China MobileHong Kong$15.5 B$233.9 B$164.9 B
29TotalFrance$11.3 B$273.3 B$93.1 B
30Postal Savings Bank Of China (PSBC)China$9 B$1,522.4 B$92 B
31AlibabaChina$24.7 B$189.4 B$545.4 B
32GazpromRussia$22.7 B$331.7 B$60.8 B
32PetroChinaChina$6.6 B$392.3 B$65.9 B
34Johnson & JohnsonUnited States$17.2 B$155 B$395.3 B
35RBCCanada$10 B$1,116.3 B$87.7 B
36Walt DisneyUnited States$10.4 B$200.9 B$195.3 B
37China Life InsuranceChina$8.5 B$536.2 B$60.3 B
38IntelUnited States$22.7 B$147.7 B$254 B
39FacebookUnited States$21 B$138.4 B$583.7 B
40CVS HealthUnited States$6.6 B$224.3 B$80.4 B
41NestléSwitzerland$12.7 B$132.1 B$304.1 B
42BNP ParibasFrance$8.7 B$2,429.9 B$39.2 B
43Nippon Telegraph & TelJapan$7.9 B$211.1 B$83 B
44HSBC HoldingsUnited Kingdom$3.8 B$2,917.8 B$105.3 B
45Bank of CommunicationsChina$11.2 B$1,422.1 B$47.1 B
46TD Bank GroupCanada$9.3 B$1,102 B$75.8 B
47Goldman Sachs GroupUnited States$7.4 B$1,090 B$63.4 B
48Morgan StanleyUnited States$8.3 B$896.8 B$62.1 B
49PfizerUnited States$15.8 B$167.5 B$212.8 B
50Tencent HoldingsChina$13.5 B$137 B$509.7 B
51IBMUnited States$9 B$153.4 B$111.5 B
52Mitsubishi UFJ FinancialJapan$5.4 B$2,893 B$51.8 B
53General ElectricUnited States$6.3 B$262 B$59.5 B
53RosneftRussia$10.9 B$208.5 B$48.1 B
55SantanderSpain$7.3 B$1,709.2 B$37.1 B
56Anheuser-Busch InBevBelgium$9.1 B$238.3 B$89.9 B
57Industrial BankChina$9.2 B$1,045 B$49 B
58Reliance IndustriesIndia$6.2 B$147.2 B$123.8 B
58SonyJapan$6 B$208.3 B$78.7 B
60SinopecChina$3.3 B$254.8 B$76.6 B
61ChevronUnited States$2.9 B$237.4 B$171.8 B
62SiemensGermany$5.9 B$171 B$75.4 B
63CignaUnited States$4.9 B$157 B$72.8 B
64AXA GroupFrance$4 B$850.8 B$42.3 B
65Shanghai Pudong DevelopmentChina$8.6 B$1,029.3 B$44.2 B
66AIA GroupHong Kong$6.6 B$280.3 B$111.8 B
66SoftbankJapan$2.9 B$362.6 B$89.7 B
68NovartisSwitzerland$12.2 B$123.1 B$193 B
69Deutsche TelekomGermany$4.3 B$207.1 B$69.2 B
70PetrobrasBrazil$10.2 B$230.2 B$43.5 B
71Procter & GambleUnited States$5 B$118.6 B$291.8 B
72Japan Post HoldingsJapan$4.7 B$2,680.2 B$32.7 B
73LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis VuittonFrance$8 B$108.3 B$194.3 B
74Roche HoldingSwitzerland$13.6 B$85.8 B$297.4 B
75BMW GroupGermany$5.5 B$271.3 B$38.9 B
76Zurich Insurance GroupSwitzerland$4.1 B$381.9 B$47.4 B
77CITICHong Kong$6.9 B$1,063.9 B$30.3 B
78Itaú Unibanco HoldingBrazil$6.9 B$408.8 B$41 B
79China State Construction EngineeringChina$6.1 B$292.3 B$30.7 B
80MetLifeUnited States$5.9 B$746.3 B$32.8 B
80Sumitomo Mitsui FinancialJapan$6.4 B$1,954.8 B$36.4 B
82Cisco SystemsUnited States$11.1 B$90.4 B$179.7 B
83Honda MotorJapan$4.3 B$188.5 B$42.6 B
84Commonwealth BankAustralia$7 B$688.8 B$72.6 B
85Bank of Nova ScotiaCanada$6.4 B$872.6 B$48.7 B
86Raytheon TechnologiesUnited States$5.5 B$139.7 B$56.1 B
87PepsiCoUnited States$7.2 B$85.1 B$183.6 B
88American ExpressUnited States$5.5 B$186.1 B$73.5 B
89General MotorsUnited States$6.7 B$228 B$31.9 B
90China Minsheng BankChina$7.8 B$959.2 B$32.8 B
91British American TobaccoUnited Kingdom$7.3 B$186.8 B$88.8 B
92Merck & Co.United States$10.1 B$84.4 B$200.3 B
93BHP GroupAustralia$9.4 B$102.3 B$107.1 B
94OracleUnited States$10.8 B$96.7 B$167 B
95Brookfield Asset ManagementCanada$2.8 B$324 B$51.3 B
96Coca-ColaUnited States$10 B$94 B$197.1 B
97EnelItaly$2.4 B$192.4 B$69.4 B
97GlaxoSmithKlineUnited Kingdom$6.8 B$104.6 B$104.4 B
99LukOilRussia$9.9 B$95.7 B$41.2 B
100China VankeChina$5.6 B$245.3 B$37.6 B

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Stats Gate - The World’s 100 Best-Performing Companies, 2020
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