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Which Career Fields Are Most Common Among The Ultra-Rich (Net Worth Over $5 Million)

From healthcare to manufacturing and even consumer services, while ten-digit fortunes can be forged in any sector — there are some industries that give you better odds at making the ultrawealthy people list. Research firm Wealth-X analyzed its database of thousands of very high-net-worth individuals across the globe with net worths over $5 million to see how they made their money.

The best industry for building billions: Banking And Finance

More than 22.6% of wealthy people made their fortunes working in Banking And Finance. This includes Brazilian billionaire banker of Lebanese origin Joseph Safra (net worth: $20 billion), Indian billionaire banker Uday Kotak (net worth: $10.1 billion), Singapore’s banking tycoon Wee Cho Yaw (net worth: $5.1 billion), Tan Sri Dr Teh Hong Piow (net worth: $4 billion), and Jamie Dimon (net worth: $1.2 billion).

The principle here is simple: making money for others, especially people who already have a lot of money, can lead to huge fortunes.

Business and consumer services offer another path to prosperity. More than 16% of wealthy people made their fortunes working in business and consumer services. Non-profit and social organizations follow closely behind with over 7% of wealthy people work for nonprofits full time.

You could also follow in the footsteps of The Donald and go into real estate. It’s the 4th-largest source of wealth among the ultrarich, 5.4% of wealthy people made their money in real estate.

See below for the full list of top ultrarich-producing industries worldwide and the 10 most successful industries.

  1. Banking and finance: 22.6%
  2. Business and consumer services: 16.3%
  3. Non-profit and social organizations: 7.9%
  4. Real estate: 5.4%
  5. Healthcare: 4.9%
  6. Technology: 4.7%
  7. Manufacturing: 4.1%
  8. Hospitality and entertainment: 4.1%
  9. Construction and engineering: 3.9%
  10. Food and beverages: 3.8%

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