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Everything You Need To Know About The Private Jet: Gulfstream G650ER

When each minute of yours is worth something, and a delay in time can cost you millions, then Gulfstream G650 ER can be one of your a must have for global CEOs and other C-Suite executives. Gulfstream G650ER is loaded with all the luxury and top-notch features that make it stand apart from the rest in the business.

Gulfstream, by introducing G650 has taken the air travels to a new level of luxur,y keeping the safety and comfort of its passengers in mind. It is the most expensive business jet from Gulfstream until G700 makes a debut in the year 2022 with a heavy price tag of $75 Million, which will be the highest for any private jet in the aviation business.

If the jet’s specifications are to be taken into consideration, G650 ER is 30.4 meters in length, 7.82 meters in height, and overall wing-span of 30.3 meters and is powered with two Rolls Royce turbo jet BR725 A1-12 engines producing a combined take-off thrust of 150.4 Kg/N with a maximum speed of 709.6 mph making it the fastest business jet in the market. It has a fuel capacity of 21,863 kgs allowing it to cover a total distance of 8,630 miles.

In fact, it holds a world record of traveling 9,642 miles from Singapore to Tuscan, U.S.A. at an average speed of 597 mph without refueling itself. The basic operating weight of the jet is 25,000 kgs with a maximum take-off weight of 47,000 kgs. With the existent attractive and stylish design, G650 also provides its customers with various customizations, like the color of the jet which is subject to certifications. The specifications undeniably make G650 ‘top of the line’ in the business jet market.

The interiors of the G650 ER are designed and crafted using wooden panels and elegant stone in such a way so as to present an aura of luxury and comfort. Starting with the cockpit, it is equipped with Honeywell’s Planeview II operating system to reduce the workload on the pilots and to assure the maximum safety. The pilot and co-pilot’s seats are covered with sheepskin to make them soft and comfortable for long hours of business travel.

The G650 has the tallest and the widest cabin among all other business jets. The entire cabin is divided into three parts i.e. the forward cabin comprising of a personalized kitchen, and to bring in more comfort, it offers fully reclinable handcrafted plush leather seats with inbuilt ventilation and massage system.

The mid-cabin has a lounge which is equipped with a personal bar, a T.V., and a comfortable sofa. Last but not the least, the VIP or the private cabin can either be installed with a Queen size bed or seats according to the preference of the customer. The washroom onboard are classy and modern with plenty of space.

Sixteen large panoramic windows allow the cabin to appear more bright, spacious, and airy. Unlike other business jets, G650 also has the lowest cabin altitude which in every two minutes fills-up the cabin with 100% fresh air. The jet offers its customers various interior customizations like seating capacity of 11 to 19 passengers along with various ways to stay connected and keep themselves entertained, when onboard.

Being the fastest in the line and equipped with all the top-notch features Gulfstream G650 ER has proven to be ultimate luxury. It is one of the best business jets available in the aviation market.

Due to its tremendous features resulting in its high demand, one could have to wait for two years for its delivery. Gulfstream has delivered more than 400 models of G650 worldwide. The price range of Gulfstream business jets starts from $23 Million for the base model G280 and goes up as high as $67 Million for the top model G650ER making it the most expensive business jet of all time.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Lifestyle and Travel - Everything You Need To Know About The Private Jet: Gulfstream G650ER
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