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Evia (Or Euboea) Greece: A Hidden Paradise A Couple Of Kilometers Away From Athens

In close distance from Athens, less than two hours by car, Evia is the second-largest island in Greece. With easy road access from Central Greece through the impressive modern High Bridge, but also the old drawer bridge Negroponte in Chalkida, Evia (along with Lefkada) is also known by the nickname “mainland” island.

Evia is full of exciting places. Towns teeming with tourists, beautiful villages forgotten by time, fertile valleys and wooded mountainsides, stunning beaches, and archaeological sites are some of the attractions of this fantastic island.

Please find the list below with some of the most impressive beaches of the area:

  1. Lichadonisia
    In the northern Gulf of Evia, between Kamena Vourla & Evia, there is a cluster of islands, which the locals call Seychelles. It is Lichadonisia, a complex of small islands, which emerged after a major earthquake thousands of years ago. Today these islands are an ideal destination for day trips and explorations and are almost always full of people who enjoy the crystal-clear waters and the incredible beauty of the landscape. Lichadonissia is a well-hidden paradise with turquoise waters and blonde sand.
  2. Vythouri
    Vythouri Glyfada beach is the most beautiful and picturesque beach of Evia. When you visit this beach, you will notice a small, deserted beach with crystal clear blue-green waters, which overlooks the Aegean. The wild but at the same time beautiful environment is surrounded by huge rocks and in combination with the clear bottom with the pebbles, they create a beach that you did not think existed in Evia. It attracts the interest of nature lovers while the sea, dark from the reflection of the black pebbles and the black thick sand, creates a unique landscape. Due to the peculiarity of the beach, the sun sees it only 6 hours in the summer.

  3. Thapsa
    The beach of Thapsa is located in central Evia and is one of the most inaccessible on the island. Once you arrive you will notice a very beautiful beach with calm clear waters and very fine sand. The landscape is very beautiful as the coast is located through a forest with tamarisk trees and steep slopes. It has calm waters and many times they come by private boats from other places. You will definitely need 4 × 4 to get there as it has about 10km of rugged dirt. However, as soon as you arrive, you will definitely come to the conclusion that it is was worthing.
  4. Korasida
    It is a large beach and one of the most famous in Evia. The environment of the beach consists of small pebbles like dragees and clear blue-green waters. It has a very beautiful combination of natural beauty between mountain and sea. The ideal time to enjoy your bath is to achieve it without air. That’s why you’ll never find it full of visitors. Huge rocks in the sea make the seabed even more interesting. But be careful be,cause like all Aegean seas, they are deepening abruptly. Korasida is one of the most picturesque beach in Greece.

  5. Golden Sand
    It is known mainly to fans of windsurfing and kitesurfing. This is due to the north winds blowing in the area in conjunction with the geographical location of the beach. In addition, it has deep waters and strong currents. The currents in the area are constantly moving the sand, one in the North and one in the South. With this phenomenon that has been happening for decades, the beach is constantly changing its shape and so the Golden Sand is always new in appearance and configuration.

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