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Wish To The Finns Way Of Education? Here Are Top 5 Universities In Finland To Know

If you have read even a little about Nordic countries, you would know that they are among the highest performing countries in the whole wide world. They are bestowed with awe-inspiring natural beauties, appealing modern lifestyle, distinct culture and language, and—something concerning our discussion—exemplary education system. Finland, is one such country, has made strides in the field of higher education, and this has received sincere recognition from the world.

The Finnish education system is systematic, student-friendly, and highly interactive as a result of which many of its universities have made it to the international plane. Coupled with an engaging life in the country, your experience with any of its educational institutions will be worth a thousand memories and impart knowledge of utmost relevance. Consider the universities which Finland has to offer, and you shall not be disappointed. You may want to look up the universities I am going to mention.

  1. University of Helsinki: The oldest university in the country, University of Helsinki, is incidentally the most prestigious. Founded in the 17th century, the former Royal Academy of Turku is the highest-ranked Finnish university in the world. While most of the courses are taught in Finnish and Swedish, English is also used to give course instructions at the postgraduate and doctoral levels. Presently, there are 11 faculties including theology, medicine, law, pharmacy, Science, and Social Sciences. Besides, the university has many research centers and institutes such as The Institute for Advanced Studies.

  2. Aalto University: Despite being a young university, having been founded in 2010, it is among the finest. Aalto University is the result of the amalgamation of 3 institutions namely, the University of Art and Design, The Helsinki University of Technology, and the Helsinki School of Economics. Due to this, the university has a multi-disciplinary approach towards the formulation and instruction of courses. The university has in its kitty many departments offered through 6 schools. Its schools include School of Business, Engineering, and Electrical Engineering, To supplement these schools, there are many research-oriented institutes such as Aalto University Learning Centre, Helsinki Institute for Information Technology, and Aalto Science Institute.

  3. University of Jyväskylä:  The University of Jyväskylä started as Teacher Training College in the 18th century but eventually became what it is in the year 1934. It is the second-largest Finnish University in terms of the numerical strength of postgraduate courses. As of now, there is a total of 6 faculties including Information Technology, Mathematics and Science, Business and Economics, and Education and Psychology. These faculties are spread out in 3 campuses located across the city. To facilitate the development of an interactive, research-leaning temperament, many institutes have been established such as Language Centre, Institute for Educational Research, and Open University.

  4. The University of Turku: Located in Turku, the University of Turku attracts a large number of students to its fold every year. Founded in the year 1920, the university maintains 7 faculties and many research units such as humanities, Science and Engineering, Medicine, law, and Economics. Exposure to the international student community is very essential for any university, and with that in mind, the university is part of many exchange programs concerning English-instructed undergraduate and postgraduate programs. It also encourages its students to participate in research-intensive activities and has been a part of many projects such as with Peruvian Amazon Research Institute.

  5. University of Eastern Finland: Another young Finnish university that has made it big in a short time, the University of Eastern Finland made its debut following the merger of the University of Kuopio and the University of Joensuu. Catering to a vast range of degree programs, the university offers about 100 majors and degree courses. These courses are offered in 13 fields including humanities, natural sciences, forest sciences, health sciences, law, theology and economics, and business administration. It actively ropes in international cooperation for attracting the best minds from the world and has collaborations done with more than 70 universities from across the globe. It invests a lot of its resources and time in researching climate change, neurosciences, forests, and metabolic diseases, and musculoskeletal disorders.

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