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Styling Tips: How To Style Your Denim Jeans?

Denim Jeans

Denim Jeans is every girl’s love and is mandatory to be placed in their wardrobe. Denim jeans are available in various shapes and sizes in the market but the major issue arises with short and plum girls as most of the market cover the girls with 5’4″ and above. Even picking the bigger size and getting it hemmed doesn’t fix the jeans every time. Nowadays, jeans have been specifically designed for petite girls as well but you still need to know what type of jeans you shall wear to enhance your personality and a few styling tips you need to consider before picking the one for you:-

Types of jeans to flatter your body

a) Boot-cut Jeans:
To give a balanced look at your body, dark wash boot-cut jeans are highly recommended for short and plum girls. This will help draw the attention on your upper half and hence, eventually, minimize your bottom half. Now the fix is to choose the right length of your boot-cut jeans, as too short and too long will ruin your look. The size of the cut also holds an equal position. Say a big NO to too wide boot cuts and too short or too long hem length.

b) High-waist Jeans:
Widely used in the 20th century, high-waist jeans have made a comeback recently. It has turned out to be a boon for short girls. You just need to pick the right fit as per your size. Too tight will make you uncomfortable and squeeze your curves and too loose will make your body look straight. Just opt for monochromatic dark-colored outfits; it will make your legs look taller and slimmer. Just avoid curve-flattening high-waist jeans.

Denim Jeans

c) Skinny Jeans:
Skinny and straight leg jeans are highly recommended for short girls because the way such jeans grab the legs tends the hips look narrower and wearer looks taller and skinnier. The only things to consider are not to pick the cuffed jeans (it will make you look shorter), those with too long hemlines (it will mess up at the ankle and eventually break the required seamless look). Avoid large embellishments too. Instead, go for a dark wash, ankle-length, and stretchable fabric for that ready-to-rock look.

d) Boyfriend Jeans:
No, you don’t need to borrow a pair of jeans from your boyfriend. It simply denotes a style of jeans that is baggier around your legs and butts but fit around the waist. Known for the loose fit and comfort it provides, such kind of jeans is well adapted by various fashion icons as well. If these are too loose for you, you can try its slimmer version, i.e., girlfriend jeans. The most preferable option is to choose more form-fitting jeans with narrower leg cuffs, as slouchy boyfriend jeans that are tapered toward the leg will create a wide bottom-heavy silhouette.

Denim Jeans

Tips to style your denim and flaunt like no one else

a) Opt for ankle boots
It’s a strict No-No for you to use the over-the-ankle shoes if you are a short and petite girl. The reason is pretty simple that anything above the ankle just shortens the length of your short legs, which goes against the desire. So, flaunt your body gracefully in denim coupled with a pair of ankle boots.

b) Flares and heels- Perfect Combo
As flared denim is already back, don’t miss this chance to look better with trendy clothes. So, if you are short, rush to your favorite store to pick a high-waist pair of jeans, flare starting at the knee. Couple it with a pair of high heels for that desired look.

Denim Jeans

c) Vertically striped shirt
Shirts and tops with thin vertical strips will create an image of the ‘taller’ version of you. Keep one thing in mind that the length of your top or shirt shall not be below your hips.

d) V-neckline tops are your best friend
To make your neck appear longer, wear V-neck or plunging V-neck tops, t-shirts, shirts or dresses.

e) Accessories to make you look tall
• Oversized handbags will add unnecessary width to your waist and hips, so just go for smaller handbags.
• Wear the same colored belt as your clothes are. The reason is a different colored belt will visually divide your body into half, eventually making you look even shorter.
• Instead of heavy jewelry, simple, light, and long necklaces will do the miracle.
• A silk scarf draping down from your neck will make you look even taller and it works.

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