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Households In The EU Have Trouble Paying Basic Utility Bills On Time

Approximately 5.5% of households in the United Kingdom have struggled to pay their basic utility bills on time, according to the Eurostat report. However, the U.K is 18th on the list, after Estonia, France, and Poland.

These looked at the number of households across the EU who in 2018 were unable to pay their basic utility bills (heating, electricity, gas, water, etc.) on time. In 2018 almost 6.6% of households in the European Union (EU) countries were unable to pay basic utility bills such as heating, electricity, gas, and water on time due to financial difficulties.

In Greece, the share was 35.62% which is the highest in the EU28 where the average was close 6.6%, with many households facing such problems also in Bulgaria (30%). Among households, in particular, those with dependent children faced difficulties in paying basic utility bills on time.

6.5 percent of households in France experienced problems paying their basic utility bills on time during 2018, with many households facing such problems also in Poland (6.3 percent).

In contrast, very few households were unable to pay their basic utility bills on time in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Austria, and Norway all-around 2 percent.

  1. Greece: 35.9%
  2. Bulgaria: 30.1%
  3. Croatia: 17.5%
  4. Romania: 14.4%
  5. Slovenia: 12.5%
  6. Cyprus: 12.2%
  7. Latvia: 11.6%
  8. Hungary: 11.1%
  9. Lithuania: 9.2%
  10. Ireland: 8.6%
  11. Slovakia: 7.9%
  12. Finland: 7.7%
  13. Spain: : 7.2%
  14. Malta: 6.9%
  15. Estonia: 6.5%
  16. France: 6.4%
  17. Poland: 6.3%
  18. United Kingdom: 5.4%
  19. Denmark: 5.1%
  20. Belgium: 4.5%
  21. Italy: 4.5%
  22. Portugal: 4.5%
  23. Switzerland: 4.1%
  24. Luxembourg: 3.6%
  25. Germany: 3%
  26. Norway: 2.7%
  27. Austria: 2.4%
  28. Sweden: 2.2%
  29. Czech Republic: 2.1%
  30. Netherlands: 1.5%

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