Friday, July 3, 2020

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Gym Looks For Men: How To Dress For The Gym?

You know that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and you are in a gym to maintain good health and physique to look good. Your instructor in the gym will help you build muscles and physical strength, but looking good is little beyond muscular strength. Your gym outfit should be comfortable for your body and attractive for onlookers. Those appreciative eyes are the biggest motivator to push you to try harder and better. The confidence you gain reflects in your gait, but how to look good in the gym where you are supposed to sweat until exhausted.

You need to be trendy to make the right fashion statement everywhere and win hearts. Frankly, you should be most cautious about fashion when you are informal. The gym is the place where you are not supposed to be too conscious about fashion, but time is changing fast, and you are expected to look good even when you are in a gym. Here are some of the top gym looks popular in the contemporary world.

Being in the gym to maintain a healthy lifestyle is no mean feat. And looking good in those sweat-soaked clothes is like asking too much. Here are some of the tips to look good while getting ready for the gym.

  1. Beyond Vibrancy 
    Frankly, the gym isn’t a place of color vibrancy. So, stick to your white, grey, and black combinations with a focus on stretch ability-comfort. The idea is to hide your sweat patches and be comfortable simultaneously.
  2. Shun Mirrors in Gym 
    You might like watching in a mirror while working out, but research suggests that it isn’t good for your performance. Don’t try to be someone else, you are unique, and you should remain unique. You are your mirror, why you need something else. Monitoring progress is good, but not from moment to moment.
  3. Right Shoes Matters 
    This one is an essential part of your gym outfit. It is not just about stability and holds, and it is little beyond that. Thankfully, the market is full of options that offer your right combination of mechanical stability and a cool look. Your mobility defines your persona, so don’t hesitate in spending some extra money on a quality pair of shoes that helps you improve your gait.

    Exercising in Gym

  4. Hoodie and Sweats 
    You will find sweats in the wardrobe of every well-dressed male. It is an all-time great for a workout in the iron paradise. If you are in the low-temperature zone a high crew neck jumper or hoodie will set you apart in the crowded gym. If you are worried about color choice, then go for neutral colors as it goes well in all settings.
  5. Go for Fit Clothing 
    Baggy isn’t bad, but it is going out of fashion at least in gyms. The rule is simple; your clothes should be fit right for easy turning, twisting, stretching and running. Lose kits don’t give you the visual clue while squatting as it hides your limbs. It is better to wear leggings as it saves you from the overexposure. However, you should wear according to your physical parameters.
  6. Rhythm Matters
    Studies suggest that personalized music helps in the workout and enhances performance. Buy a pair of quality and styles Bluetooth headphones and make your workout in the gym more enjoyable. A branded wireless headphone adds value to your cool-style quotient.
  7. Be Gadget Smart 
    You should buy a fitness watch to measure your performance. It is a great accessory as it helps you keep check on your parameters. A good looking high-end is a great value addition to your ultra-cool gym look.

    Exercising in Gym

  8. Mobility Matters 
    You are in the gym to boost your metabolic rate and pump up muscles. Show some smartness in using your time in the gym. Please don’t waste your time sitting idle between two sets; instead, use it in training the opposing muscles. Sitting idle in a dynamic space makes you look stupid.
  9. Stinking is Bad 
    You are in the gym to sweat so you should be well-prepared with a good collection of sportier scents to avoid the fetid smell. Avoid loaded scents and go for citrus notes as these are light, fresh, and less overpowering.
  10. Nice Gym Bag 
    If you are a regular at the gym, you need a perfect bag to carry your essentials. You should get a good looking bag matching your personality and need. The size, color, and shape will depend on your choice; however, it is better to go for a neutral color. Avoid using your regular office going backpack for gym purpose.
    A gym is an informal place, and you are supposed to remain focused on your workout regimen. Just like any other place, the gym has its etiquette, so follow it to leave a killing impression. This is what makes you look good. Be a responsible man that is what everyone wants you to be.
Dr. Amarendra Bhushan Dhiraj
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