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How to Style Like Millennials


Millennials are about freedom of choice. Millennials, born between 1981 and 1996, are the single largest group with a 32% share in the global population driving the global fashion trend. Lifestyle, world-view, and consumption behavior of millennials are different and companies are paying special attention to redefine product design, style, and delivery to match the expectation.

The millennial mindset is all about looking beyond normal and redefines rules. Slowly but steadily millennial are making inroads in the wardrobes of all age groups. If you want to be the part of the millennial league here are some of the tips to style perfectly like a millennial and lead a free life.

Ways to Style Like Millennial

If you are in your twenties then you have every right to be free to wear the way you want to be. This is what millennial style is all about. Follow these simple rules to make the millennial style statement effectively without compromising the basic clothing etiquette.

  1. Strong Foundation Matters
    Your sense of freedom finds strength from a strong foundation, so your shoes should be unique, comfortable and of course suitable. Let your foot be part of the style statement. However, you should not sacrifice comfort as it will change your natural gait.  Wear any style
  2. Get Involved in Clothing
    Millennials love to get involved in all aspects, if not in the real-world then in the virtual world at least. Your clothing should reflect your involvement in the contemporary world. Be in action and your clothing should match your action. It isn’t about perfection, but confidence.


  3. Beyond Label
    Millennials love to give chance to new brands, so you should also opt for new brands. Go for classic and indie brands, whether it is underwear or your colorful pair of socks.
  4. Dynamism of Denim
    Denim is evergreen and there is no reason to say no to a quality pair of denim pant and trucker jackets. It is better to go with the trend as denim style changes almost according to season. Be careful about color and shades, choose what suits your daily work activities.
  5. Bold Suits
    Suits are good, but they should not be against your wish. Being a millennial you have the freedom to not wear suits, even in the workplace. Keep a few pairs of quality suits that match with your freedom-loving personality. Be bold in your selection; try to look beyond the traditional black and gray.
  6. Responsible Clothing
    Be careful about the selection of your brand. People are conditioned to correlate personality with the brand, so choose that goes well with your personality as millennial. Go for brands that are eco-friendly and socially responsible. You won’t look good if child labor is involved in creating the piece.

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  7. Gender Neutrality in OK
    Millennials are actively trying to eliminate the gender divide. The best way to be a part of the gender-neutrality movement is to wear gender-neutral clothing. Thankfully, almost all major brands now have a rich collection of gender-neutral products.
  8. Go for Custom Clothing
    You are unique, just like anyone else. So, make your clothing unique by opting for personalization. Be it shoes or your jacket; add value to it according to your personality. If you don’t have time, there are several online stores that offer you the option to custom design your clothes and shoes.

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  9. Sporty Balance
    It is all about the right balance of comfort and looks. Your wardrobe must have a trendy collection of sportswear. Millennials love the flexibility, so your clothing should also match that quotient. Meaning, you should always be ready for all types of occasions. This is where a nice mix of sportswear does justice.
  10. Money Balancing
    Millennials are all about smartness. It is better to spend money on building a rich collection of various clothing then spending blindly on a particular luxury brand. Millennials love dynamism, so let your clothing do the talking.

Frankly, the millennial styling tips are endless. Fashion and style are all about dynamism and it changes season to season. You know about your personality and budget, so you should be practical in your selection. This is what makes you a true millennial. Look beyond normal and you will see the change.

Aastha Maheshwari
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