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The 14 Executive Lifestyle Habits For 2020


2019 came and is on the brink of being part of history. And while the world may have made major strides, for better or for worse, many of us still live or lead lives that desperately demand change just for the ascension of the body and spirit, and to be ready for challenges that are on offer in the brand new year coming ahead.
It doesn’t matter if you are the CEO of a multimillion-dollar company, or just a student yearning to take up new challenges in your stride. As long as you are hungry for living life to the fullest, you will always have a bucket list of things to do in the coming year. This post outlines 14 things to start doing in 2020 to lead a better lifestyle.

  1. Start a fitness program
    Even though you may already be on a rigorous fitness program, there are so many facets to fitness that there is always something new that you can try. For example, if you are on weight training you may try calisthenics, and so on. And there is no better service that you can do to your body than by being fit.
  2. Making the most of time
    With most of us living with our professions and passions, trying to juggle them all efficiently has become a major concern. Start a time management discipline that enables you to live a fuller life.
  3. A time to read
    If you don’t read much, or the love of books has eluded you, 2020 would be the perfect time to start. Not only you’ll amass a wealth of knowledge, but you’ll also explore a lot of other thought processes that you were hitherto alien to.
  4. Be Fearless
    “Fortune favors the brave”. It may be an old and well-known adage but is seldom taken into action. The important part to understand is that being fearless can happen in everyday life. Start learning to dispel your fears and unlock that special potential in you that was lying dormant all this while.
  5. Learn self-discipline
    This is an often overlooked but vitally important aspect of a successful life. You may be a fan of the pop culture statement “let the chips fall where they may”, but it’s equally important to learn when to start and to stop. Self-discipline goes a long way to ensuring inner peace too.
  6. Take small steps to bigger things.
    Maybe you have been procrastinating about a project or an idea simply because it appears too gargantuan or complex. Break it down and start with baby steps.
  7. Start new hobbies, or revive old ones
    Most of us have busy schedules that leave little or no time for hobbies and other skills. Use your time management skills to start a new hobby, or revive a long-forgotten one.
  8. Travel more
    The more you travel, the lesser you know. Travel is the mother of all education and there is no better way to know what’s happening with this planet than to actually be there.
  9. Adopt humility in your outlook
    Whether it’s dealing with people, making connections, or just being thankful for what you have, humility goes a long way in your overall personal development. Start this habit of you haven’t already.
  10. Learn to make better choices
    Every day of our life is a direct consequence of the choices we made before. Before you plunge into decision making, use your wisdom to decide what’s best for you and others.
  11. Detach from social media
    If you have been spending too much time on social media, it might be a good idea to get off it in 2020. Prying digital eyes aside, it’s always a better idea to engage with the real world rather than the digital one.
  12. Stop the procrastination business
    The most important absence in the life of someone who is in control of his/her life is procrastination. The sooner you get rid of it, the better you will feel about yourself and your life.
  13. Start maintaining a journal
    Writing about your daily life may seem mundane, but it’s a powerful tool of introspection and leaves a permanent timestamp in your life.
  14. Learn a new language
    It is fun, challenging, and makes you feel like a citizen of the world. Plus you also get bragging rights for something very few people like to try.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Lifestyle and Travel - The 14 Executive Lifestyle Habits For 2020
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