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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - The Best Hotels In Skiathos Island For Business Travelers, 2020

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The Best Hotels In Skiathos Island For Business Travelers, 2020

Skiathos Island Greece

Best known for its tranquil beaches and the exciting and lively nightlife, Skiathos is an island in the Sporades archipelago in Greece. Despite being smaller in size, it magnetizes a huge number of tourists every year thanks to its ravishing natural landscape and over 60 splendid beaches. This magnificent island is amazingly gifted by nature with its green vegetation, tall pine trees, and breathtaking beaches. That’s the reason; it is also called as ‘the Mykonos of Northern Greece’.

Skiathos is flooded by countless clubs that make it a pole of attraction, especially for youth. Kahlua Club, DIRTY, Apotheke Club, Anderssons Bar, and Mystique are just to name a few. This mind-blowing island will allure you with its lively atmosphere. Although it is accessible only by boat it is recommended to visit it at least once.

Apart from the popular beaches like, gorgeous and spectacular Lalaria Beach, Mandraki Beach, Koukounaries Beach, Agia Eleni Beach, and Troulos Beach, it also features beautiful monasteries, like, Evangelistria Monastery,  Moni Evaggelistrias, and Alone of Saint Charalambous which hold immense importance in their culture and history. To calm down your curiosity for exploring the grand history of this place, you can also head towards Kastro, a fortress in Greece. There, you’ll not only upgrade your knowledge but also find it peaceful and adore the scenic view. You can also opt for strolling down the streets of the old town to explore it more.

Adventure lovers will also gain something in their pockets. They can gain access to water skiing, jet skiing, scuba diving, and windsurfing too. Boating tour is an indispensable part of this island tour, be it for island hopping, dolphin watching, deep-sea fishing or dine at cruise. This island serves everything. Now let’s have look at the most luxurious hotels on the island.

  1. Aegean Suites by Santikos Collection
    Megali Ammos Beach, Periferiakos Skiathou, Skiathos 370 02, Greece
    This high-end exquisite suite hotel is encircled by lush greenery and water, which is a delightful treat to your eyes. This elegant yet understated hotel features spacious rooms with balconies, minibars, restaurants providing lip-smacking meal options, a fitness center, and a spa with open-air treatment.
  2. Elivi Skiathos
    Koukounaries Bay, Skiathos 370 02, Greece
    This upmarket beachfront hotel has ventilated and Zen-like rooms with terraces or balconies while some are sea-facing. It features everything that you may require for a posh stay, right from minibars, kitchen, private pools to en suite bathrooms, multiple bedrooms, and 24*7 room service. It won’t fail to provide you a homely stay.

    Skiathos Island Greece

  3. Princess Resort Hotel by Santikos Collection
    Platanias 370 02, Greece
    Set at an amazing location with a private beach, this chic hotel features amazingly furnished spacious rooms with sea views. Just 8 km from Skiathos ferry terminal and 10 km from the Evangelistria Monastery, this hotel also has fireplaces in its elegant rooms to provide you warmth during cold days. Apart from regional Greek, tempting Italian options are also offered here.
  4. The Skiathos Palace Hotel
    Koukounaries Bay, Skiathos Island 370 02, Greece
    At just a few minutes’ walk from Maratha Beach, this posh hotel on a pine-covered hillside turns out to be the best choice for any type of travelers.  Its breathtaking location provides a stunning view and offers you a gorgeous sunset. It also has an outdoor pool, a beach shuttle, and tennis courts.
  5. Atrium Hotel
    Pefkochori 630 85, Greece
    Its proximity to beaches and supreme locations for recreation and sightseeing gives it a good lead over others. A variety of food options and shops are just a walk away, a hotel shuttle is available though. Its humble and decent staff is always there to help you out.
  6. KB Ammos Suites
    Megali Ammos, Skiathos 370 02, Greece
    This pristine and contemporary hotel is family-run, small and maintained. Kick start your day with a fresh, wholesome, and varied breakfast while sitting and adoring nature. You can also simply relax on its sun loungers available poolside. Tourists love its location, calm and composed atmosphere, and its 24*7 available staff the most.

    Skiathos Island Greece

  7. Mystery Skiathos Hotels
    Skiathos Chora, Skiathos 370 02, Greece
    Located hillside amid olive trees, touching the waters of the Aegean Sea, this upscale hotel is just a couple of kilometers away from Skiathos International Airport. Its proximity to the airport makes it a great deal, especially for business travelers. This immaculate hotel with the classic interior is just a walk away from the city.
  8. Magic Hotel
    Platanias 370 02, Greece
    Its distance of a few meters from the sea gives you a stunning panoramic view that would dumbstruck you. Magic hotel is truly magic for its guests and a perfect option for everyone, be it a business traveler or a leisure one. It is run by a local family from the last 25 years who take care of the property and their guests to their best.
  9. Vigles Sea View
    Skiathos, 370 02, Greece
    Start your day with fresh breakfast at its waterfront roof-top restaurant. Its spacious and immaculate rooms with cloud-like beds, stunning location, amiable staff, and its composed atmosphere are enough to make your stay perfect.
  10. La Luna
    Troulos 370 02, Greece
    This upscale waterfront hotel features a restaurant next to the shores of an Aegean island and elegant rooms with modern decor. Its rooms possess everything one may require for a perfect stay. Its floor-to-ceiling windows provide you a stunning sea view. Its lush garden and outdoor pool with sun loungers will keep you with everything at bay.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - The Best Hotels In Skiathos Island For Business Travelers, 2020
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