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The Best Hotels In Rethimno (Crete) For Business Travelers, 2020

Thalassa Boutique Hotel

Your ideal destination for a fairy tale romance, Rethimno will take you to the Venetian and Turkish days of yore. A city that moves slowly, your stay here will take you along arches, cobbled paths and Venetian and Ottoman architecture. Lose yourself in the endless big beach hotel strip that laps up several coastal villages where you will be amid a sea of turtles that are regular visitors to the beach. The Venetian harbor and the Fortress too are dream destinations to make your dream of a romantic holiday come true.

Apart from the fabulous beach area, the best places to visit in Rethimno are the old town area, the Monastery of Arkadi, the Venetian Fortezza and the Biotopoi Nature Park.

  1. Casa Vitae Villas
    N. Patelarou 3, Rethimno
    The beautiful villas of Casa Vitae, right in the city center of Rethimno, are ideal for your holiday, for romance, leisure and family stays. They are located in a quiet neighborhood, just minutes away from the beautiful beach and the city’s commercial center. You will enjoy how these villas have maintained their historical Venetian and Ottoman styles of architecture.

    Casa Vitae Rethimno Crete

  2. Eleonora Hotel
    Xortatzi 10, Rethimno
    Almost all rooms of this centrally-located hotel offer excellent views of the Aegean Sea and the old town. You will get ample opportunities to spend your time swimming, indulging in water sports and sightseeing without the need for a means of transport. The rooms are fully furnished and provide all modern amenities to make you want to extend your holidays.
  3. Palazzino Di Corina
    Damvergi 7-9, Rethimno
    This quaint boutique hotel is located in the old town area from where the Venetian Port and the Fortezza fortress are just a stone’s throw away. The smugness, comfort and excellent service this place offers will endear you and your loved ones. The property comprises three Venetian houses, connected to one another, and the rooms are well furnished and equipped with all the latest amenities.
  4. Thalassa Boutique Hotel
    89 Stamathioudaki Street, Rethimno
    For an exclusive, beach-front experience while in Rethimno, this hotel is the perfect choice for you. Located in the heart of town, you will find the place steeped in history even as it offers all modern amenities to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. Enjoy high-end service at the 7 Seas Restaurant and Euphoria Health Spa of the hotel.

    Thalassa Boutique Hotel

  5. Veneto Boutique Hotel
    Epimenidou 4, Rethimno
    Your stay at this 4-star hotel that was once a historical building will be an unforgettable one as the service provided is highly professional. Located in the old town area, this 15th-century property is a Venetian mansion with one of the most prestigious restaurants in the city. The ideal location of the hotel will cater to all your shopping, dining and outing activities.
  6. Achillion Palace
    27 K. Glamboudaki Street, Rethimno
    Located in the most alluring area of Rethimno, this 4-star hotel will make your stay extremely comfortable and memorable. Staffed by a team of friendly people, you will enjoy true Cretan hospitality within the premises. The place, with a beautiful outdoor swimming pool, is just a breath away from the seafront and very near the old town, where you can glide back into time.
  7. Casa Del Mare
    35 Arkadiou, Rethimno
    You won’t find strangers here at this picturesque seafront hotel, just friends you had never met earlier. The property is a blend of Venetian and Turkish architecture and accommodates all modern amenities to make your stay pleasant and comfortable. Tickle your senses with the relishing delicacies served as you relax in the roof-terrace lounge drinking up panoramic views of the seaside and town.
  8. Avli Lounge Apartments
    17, Radamanthyos, Rethimno
    This remarkable property, set amid a cluster of beautiful, 16th-century Venetian buildings, seamlessly blends traditional Cretan architecture with modern luxury and aesthetics. You will get to enjoy a truly authentic dining experience of Cretan cuisine that combines raw materials endemic to the place and contemporary culinary concepts. The fabled Cretan hospitality is also omnipresent at this lively place.
  9. Pepi Boutique Hotel
    22, E. Tsouderou Street, Rethimno
    Located in the old town area, this boutique hotel is the perfect choice for adults looking to stay close to the sandy beach and a breath away from the city’s vivid nightlife. The property, one of the oldest public primary schools in Europe, has a wine cellar that serves Cretan wine of a high pedigree, the Dionysus. Revel in the famed hospitality of the island and spoil yourself with delicious Cretan gastronomy.
  10. Casa Del Delfini
    Nikiforou Foka 66-68, Rethimno
    This is a splendid boutique hotel with architecture that bears remnants of the Venetian and Ottoman periods. You will find the charm of the past in perfect harmony with all the modern amenities and authentic Cretan hospitality at this hotel. Guestrooms include a penthouse suite overlooking an ancient castle, elegantly furnished maisonettes, and cozy studios.

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