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15 Relaxing Things to Do in London

Buckingham Palace, London, United Kingdom

London has something special for every special visitor. If you are a lover of British history, a day at Buckingham Palace will surely delight you. If you are a lover of extraordinary architectural designs, you can’t skip the Tower of London. And if you are a fan of movies and live shows, London offers you the West End Theatre District.

Are you looking for a nice destination to relax and have peace of mind? Well, visit London and your psychological problems such as anxiety and stress will be solved within no time. This city will help you get your groove back and become even more productive at work. And even if you need professional help, probably consult with a life coach, the therapeutic experiences you’ll have in London will expedite your healing process.  But which are these therapeutic experiences are we talking about? This post focuses on 15 relaxing things that you can do in London.

  1. Shop at Portobello Road Market
    Here, you will find, among other items, jewelry, antiques, and clothing. If you are a foodie, this market has hundreds of foods and drinks that you will definitely love. And if you need London souvenirs to take back home, you will find quality items here as well. Shopping is, indeed, therapeutic.
  2. Visit Hyde Park
    The flourishing flora and fauna in this park will nourish your mind and feed your soul with sweet fragrances. The park is also home to Serpentine Lake where you will enjoy the sight of swans as you meditate. Boat and bike riding are also viable relaxation activities here.
  3. Spend a day in a theater
    London boasts of being among the greatest movies and live shows hub in the world. The talents of celebrated local actors such as Andrew Lloyd Webber are showcased in London’s West End theater district. And if you love movies from Hollywood and the rest of the world, you will find them here as well.
  4. Spend your morning at the Camden Market
    This chain of markets has over 200 stalls that sell unique London-inspired merchandise to both locals and tourists. If you are visiting the neighborhood of Camden, be sure to buy some graphic T-shirts and other fashion items at very affordable prices. Local foods are also aplenty.
  5. See the London Eye
    The iconic eye on the River Thames is known the world over for offering London visitors great views of the city. Exploring London’s South Bank becomes easier when you take a slow ride on the wheel.London Eye, London, United Kingdom
  6. Book a London food tour
    Food tours in London take foodies to the hidden but delightful food places in the city. As the locals will tell you, the city’s culinary scene is both exciting and eclectic. It is the dream experience for every foodie.
  7. Try some nightlife at Shoreditch
    London’s unofficial home of bars and restaurants, Shoreditch district in the East End of London will excite any party enthusiast. Relax here at night as you enjoy your cold drink under flashing neon lights.
  8. Get lost in the woods at Hampstead Heath
    The woods at Hampstead Heath give you the chance to interact with wildlife as you enjoy panoramic views of the city from atop the Heath.  There are also large ponds and grassy fields to help you relax and get in touch with nature and its beauty.
  9. Cruise across River Thames
    The Thames has been a key highlight of London’s outdoor entertainment for centuries. Taking a cruise down the river allows you to see the London Eye, the Houses of Parliament, and other defining landmarks in the city from a unique perspective. River Thames in London UK
  10. Enjoy live music at Brixton Academy
    If you are a fan of live music, you will find it hard to skip Brixton Academy in south London. Locals and tourists alike flock this place to witness live bands by new as well as seasoned musicians.
  11. Or at the O2 Arena
    Another one for music lovers! Formerly an exhibition center, this post-modern arena now hosts live stage shows and live music. Without a doubt, the arena is one of the city’s premier entertainment destinations.
  12. Enjoy some art at the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square.
    Art lovers are treated to the best contemporary and classical art galleries at the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square. This place is free, so you will never have an excuse for not spending a day here. And because you will need some pieces of art to take home- either for your home decoration or as a gift, it is important that you sample as many works of art as possible while here. If your budget doesn’t allow you to buy a wall art canvas, for example, you can always order one later.
  13. Join a free walking tour
    Sightseeing in London is the best therapeutic experience ever. Leave the popular tourist destinations for another day and instead spend time off the city’s beaten path. A free walking tour will make this possible.
  14. Watch a live football match
    London hosts some of the world’s greatest football (soccer) clubs. Chelsea, Arsenal, Fulham, and Tottenham- You name them! If you love sports, a weekend in one of the soccer stadiums will be great.
  15. And then some tea
    This goes without saying: London’s tea is irresistibly good. Pop into one affordable tea joint and spend your afternoon chatting with the locals.


CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Lifestyle - 15 Relaxing Things to Do in London
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